pipe AQUASPEED penny

pipe AQUASPEED penny 1
Children’s dive pipe with a slightly bent shape, having a soft anatomically shaped, non-allergenic mouthpiece made of soft silicone.

The tip of the pipe is made of brightly colored material, making it easier to see the diver in the water.

The easy-to-use closure will allow you to attach a pipe mask strap quickly and without trouble, and the wide section of the main pipe chamber guarantees comfortable breathing. PENNY pipe intended for amateur recreational diving.



Bottom valve-Yes

Ultra Dry System-No



Quick-Relese masking system-No


Available colors-blue, yellow

Brand: Aqua-Speed

aqua speed

Kind Ash Cache Green Ashtray

kind ash cache green ashtray

  1. Soft Silicone Smash Pillar is removable for easy cleaning and comes in a variety of colors.
  2. Most of my pipes are briar or corncob, but I do have a few clay pipes and a meerschaum.
  3. I wanted something cheap and sturdy that had a built in knocker.
  4. I don’t use the little side attachment, but that’s a clever idea for those who want that feature.
  5. I like that the ashes and dottle fall into the deep recess of the bowl but aren’t exposed where they can make a mess.
  6. It’s also designed in a way to be very hard to make a mess.
  7. It can’t tip over and if you drop the ashtray, it’s not going to break or make a big mess.
  8. Unlike a cork knocker, the silicone knocker doesn’t discolor and can’t break or crumble.
  9. You can hit glass in it with worrying about breaking it and that if glowed.
  10. The reason I wanted an ashtray that would glow is for easy as hung while watching movies in the dark.
  11. I usually put it under a light for a few minutes before it goes dark and it stays fairly lit for the length of a movie.
  12. It also not to bright, so no issues being a distraction.
  13. I’m taking one star away because I feel they could have put a cigar or cigarette holder in stead of the lighter holder thing.
  14. But in all I’m happy with my purchase and know I’ll get great use out of it.
  15. I would not use this ash tray for cigarettes or cigars though.
  16. I’m pretty sure it’s design was made with the sole purpose of using glass with it.
  17. Rubber keeps your glass safe the only reason I docked one star is the accessory attachedt it came with isn’t big enough to fit many accessories in it; the ash tray also becomes slightly unbalanced when it’s attached.
  18. I’ve been using it for about a month now, it’s easy to empty and clean.
  19. I didn’t find the back caddy all that useful personally but it’s nice to have.
  20. The silicone is the perfect density, not too hard that worry about using the cacher but not too soft.
  21. Upon arrival I was slightly disappointed(thought it would be bigger) but now that I’ve grown used to it I’m happy with the size.
  22. My only complaint is that the space between for ash to drop is a little narrow but I bet it does help snuff out embers.
  23. I’m getting this as a gift for someone so I might have to get a third one hehe.
  24. After a year the center rubber piece fell off and it must have went in the garbage so be careful of that.
  25. I find that ash gets stuck in between the smash pillar and the silicon fairly frequently unless it is pretty fine.
  26. Hit it a couple times and it will fall through but it could be better.
  27. If it was double the size, I wouldn’t look anywhere else.
  28. The center knob is fairly awesome to beat out a bowl, but sometimes something sharper and pointier is required.
  29. The side car holder for all of your various tools of the trade is alright.
  30. In my opinion, some of the wells could be a bit deeper, and it’s hard to put heavier things like bowls in it without the ash cache tipping to one side.
  31. Regardless, this is a fantastic product, and while it didn’t work as expected for me, it would definitely work for someone else.
  32. Works well to extinguish ashes, and is very hard to spill.
  33. When you order the tie dye version the center knob comes in tie dye as well.
  34. Good price for something so sturdy, I think it’s gonna last a long time.
  35. Definitely a nicer, more aesthetically pleasing version of your average ash tray.
  36. He literally said out of all of his gifts this year this was by far the best.
  37. I stuck a hair pin in one of the holes on top for a makeshift de-bowler and it works excellent.
  38. I purchased the same item the following year (Christmas 2017) for my husband and I am very pleased.

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Retro Wave Cruiser Complete 22″ Banana Skateboard (Purple)

retro wave cruiser complete banana skateboard purple

  1. Unique Textured Pattern on Deck, Designed for Maximum Grip!
  2. I don’t know much about skateboards, so I can’t say what this piece was actually for but the first time my daughter rode on it, the back wheels came off.
  3. We couldn’t get it back together without removing a black rubber piece from the point where it screwed to the board.
  4. Otherwise, this small skateboard is living up to its purpose.
  5. It is a cheap knock off of the real Penny board which is sturdy composite and smooth and fast rubber grippy wheels.
  6. You will have to have grip tape applied to it, professionally.
  7. I purchased it for my granddaughter and she has been having a blast!<
  8. She is just a toddler but I thought this would be good for her to learn and fool around with.
  9. My daughter who is 6 1/2 has been asking me to get her a skate board for a few months now.
  10. She’s quite a newbie and riding so I wanted to get her something simple for her to learn on.
  11. I got this skateboard for my twin toddlers and they love it so much I will be buying another one.
  12. They are very similar, but Retro Wave did not roll as well.

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