set of accessories harrows darts service kit
A set of accessories placed in a convenient box with dividers.

The kit contains:

– 6 sets of feathers

– 6 sets of shafts

– 16 locks on the plug

– 30 rings on shaft

Brand: Harrows


Harrows Darts Service Kit

harrows darts service kit

  1. The tough carry case comes fully loaded with 6 sets of Nylon Shafts, 6 sets of Flights, 16 Flight Savers and 30 Ring Grips, which are perfect as replacement for equipment damaged during play.

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Pathfinder Campaign Cards: Deluxe Harrow Deck

pathfinder campaign cards deluxe harrow deck

  1. The symbols and legends of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting fill this 54-card, full-color set of oversized fortunetelling cards, making it an invaluable tool for including divination and mysticism in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventures.
  2. Learn how to read the Harrow and include its powers in any Pathfinder RPG game with rule cards detailing spells, fortunetelling methods, and other insights into its use.
  3. With portentous art, patterned backing, and a larger size common to many real-world tarot decks, the Deluxe Harrow Deck straddles the lines between game supplement, storytelling set piece, and costume prop.
  4. However there’s not a whole lot of options to use them in PF right now.
  5. I used this to run “The harrowing” and it was a lot of fun, but prepare to do a LOT of prep work.
  6. The use of the deck in the actual adventure doesn’t leave much to the imagination.
  7. I fear they’re just going to sit on my shelf and not get used.
  8. If you do decide to get them, I highly recommend you get the harrow handbook to explain the lore and divination that goes along with it.
  9. That way you can have all the information you need to build a character that uses these in game.
  10. Trying to adapt a tarot deck or regular playing cards proved awkward, though.
  11. The official deck is well worth buying if you intend to use them in your campaign as a GM or as a player.
  12. This comes with a little pamphlet explaining the rules, like how to arrange the cards and what they mean, too, which is very handy!<
  13. You can generate character backgrounds and use them in game for flavor and spells.
  14. Perhaps I am just too used to the typical Rider-Waite form?<
  15. The cards are well made and the pictures are entertaining.
  16. I have the original set, these are larger and show off the art more effectively, but otherwise seem the same (which is a great thing).
  17. They were excited to jump right in to their first harrow reading, and see what could be learned from the oracle.
  18. Flimsy sorta cards but they are not meant to be used carelesly.
  19. They look and feel much more like Tarot cards, and the art is fantastic.
  20. The insert for the rules covers what you need mechanically.

Buy Pathfinder Campaign Cards: Deluxe Harrow Deck here $22.99

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