bag accent on cell phone or tools rapid
Mini bag for mobile phone or tools, made of very durable, resistant to abrasion and tearing polyester.

Attached to the frame / seatpost / saddle frame with the use of strap straps.

Stitched reflective elements that increase safety while moving on the road.


Dimensions-6x11x3 cm.

Brand: Accent


Waterproof Bike Bag, Smartphone Bicycle Bag, Bike Handlebar Bag, Road & Mountain Bike Pouch for iPhone X 8 7 6/Samsung Galaxy S7 S8 S9 Plus | Gifts: Safety Reflectors & Tire Repair Kit

waterproof bike bag smartphone bicycle bag bike handlebar bag road amp mountain

  1. So right now, besides the Touchscreen Handlebar Bag that protects your smartphone, we ALSO give you 2 Reflexive Safety Reflectors (for front and rear tires to improve safety during a low light morning or a late-night ride) & 1 Tire Repair Kit (so you can keep your wheels rolling smoothly along).
  2. Our cycling bag has an extremely clear and sensitive touchscreen window, so you can easily hit any function on your phone and see the screen clearly.
  3. QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION – Due to its non-slip Velcro, our bike bags can be easily attached to any standard mountain, road, or trail riding bikes both for adults and kids.
  4. We have the Perfect Bicycle Bags for you, your family and your friends.
  5. We Strongly Believe that the Best Cycling Bags can keep their inside dry and cool on a sunny or rainy weather.
  6. Keep your mobile device handy with Ronokigo bike frame bag with a transparent touch screen!
  8. Because we trust our products, if something ever happens to your Bicycle Handlebar Bag Bundle, WE WILL CHANGE IT immediately without any costs or efforts from your side.
  9. Looking to enhance your long rides or keep your phone safe while you’re heading out on the open road with your bicycle?
  10. This all-purpose Ronokigo Bicycle Handlebar Bag lets you mount your favorite smartphone to the front so you can keep track of calls, texts, work, or even track map routes, times, or distance!
  11. This premium cell phone bag mounts firmly to the front of your handlebars, giving you quick access to your phone while also storing a wallet, keys, and other travel essentials.
  12. A great gift idea for that cyclist who is always on the go, get one today and make every on or off-road adventure a bit more exciting!
  13. I liked this bag because it was on the front of the handlebars, so my headphones could just hang down normally.
  14. Also, after seeing all the tools it comes with (and researching how to use them) I feel more comfortable taking my bike out around the town and not just down the path I ride.
  15. Haven’t used it in rain so I cannot speak to the waterproof aspect yet.
  16. Sometimes screen sensitivity seemed a little off but overall it worked fine.
  17. I love being able to see and use my phone while i’m out for a ride.
  18. The patch kit and the included reflectors give a lot of peace of mind and I really appreciate that it keeps my phone safe from rain and dust.
  19. I have a Samsung 6 edge and it fits perfectly in the bike bag without having to remove it from the protective case my phone is in.
  20. There is also a bit of extra space in the bag so I can pack a snack that’s easily accessible.
  21. When my husband told me that his gym buddy had this bike bag I had to have it.
  22. We also like to listen to music while we do that, this bike bag is great for us while riding our bikes because it’s right there to hear the music good and it’s easy to change songs, plus the reflectors and tire repair kit is an added bonus!<
  23. He had a small bag on the back but this way he can easily see phone when he needs to in as safe as possible manner.
  24. The case is large enough for the larger Iphone or Samsung but still fits smaller versions.
  25. I won’t have to worry with dropping my phone everywhere we go.
  26. It has a deep pouch behind what holds the phone into place as well to hold things like your keys, wallet or really anything small.
  27. It comes with the bike bag, reflectors and a repair kit.
  28. I will be posting pictures after I am able to get it attached to my bike going riding this spring!
  29. So far it has held up with just holding my phone into it and carrying it!
  30. Now whenever she goes biking she can’t be without rhis biking bag!
  31. It holds her phone and has enough space for other stuff like her keys and small snacks!<
  32. Lots of room if you need to store other items and stays on the bike well.
  33. It holds the tool I need for repairs and it is tightly attached to the handle bar.
  34. What makes this stand out, is the fact that it comes with so many extras!<
  35. I put my phone in and can still swipe etc on my phone through the waterproof cover.
  36. The convenience is going to make my next ride so enjoyable.

Buy Waterproof Bike Bag, Smartphone Bicycle Bag, Bike Handlebar Bag, Road & Mountain Bike Pouch for iPhone X 8 7 6/Samsung Galaxy S7 S8 S9 Plus | Gifts: Safety Reflectors & Tire Repair Kit here $19.99

Hybrid Hip Leather Fanny Pack Waist Bag Belt Pouch for Mobile Phone Travel Accessories Wallet Money

hybrid hip leather fanny pack waist bag belt pouch for mobile phone travel acces

  1. Two smaller front pouches hold keys, charge cards, coins and gum; one pouch has an easy-pull zipper while the other has a strong toggle fastener.
  2. All pouches are designed to open easily with just one hand.
  3. Cinch the belt tighter is you like for the pouch to be snug to your waist, or let it out if you like for your belt pouch to ride low on your hip.
  4. This hip bag is available in black to complement your motorcycle leathers, or in brown to accent horse-riding accessories.
  5. Whichever style you select, you can be confident that the highest-quality leather and stitching of our Hybrid Hip Leather Fanny Pack insure that you will have countless adventures together.
  6. The other pocket I use for travel documents, headphone and charger.
  7. The back pocket is just the right size for all my different currencies from around the world and not only that I can even fit my ipad mini here as well!.
  8. The leather stitching well made and the metal lock is of high quality.
  9. I wear the fanny pack underneath a T-shirt and no one seems to notice.
  10. I’ve found it comes in handy in my day-to-day life, especially when I need my hands free, and bulky things out of my pockets.
  11. This is awesome for shows and concerts when I need to bring a few items, but don’t want a bulky backpack.
  12. I’ve also taken it on photoshoots as it carries my go-to gear, and 4 film canisters.
  13. I like wearing the Hybrid Hip with my shirt over it, but it looks cool enough to wear out too (almost like a carpenter belt).
  14. It’s got an adjustable belt, which fits my 40″ waist, but can cinch down for a narrow waist as well.
  15. I wouldn’t say the HH is waterproof (real leather typically isn’t), but a few splashes won’t hurt.
  16. The front pockets will hold normal size cell phones, but are a little small for my Pixel 2 XL.
  17. I wear it off to the side, and sometimes forget it’s there.
  18. Definitely awesome not having anything in your pockets.
  19. High quality no doubt, however, I have a Note 4 phone and it doesn’t fit in either of the front two pockets.
  20. The cool leather and style totally fits the hipster attitude here!<
  21. First, it is made from very high quality genuine leather.

Buy Hybrid Hip Leather Fanny Pack Waist Bag Belt Pouch for Mobile Phone Travel Accessories Wallet Money here $59.95 – $69.95

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