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Sport sunglasses. It works perfectly during any physical activity. Polycarbonate interchangeable lenses allow you to adjust your glasses to external conditions. UV 400 filter.

Anti-reflective and anti-fog coating. Profiled noses. Black cover included. Weight 24 g. Fittings: red Lenses: mirror gray


– Polycarbonate scratch-resistant lens.

– Holders made of durable plastic

– Lenses with UV400 filter-100% protection against UV radiation.

– The coating reduces lens fogging.

– Anti-reflective coating.

– Comfortable temples and toe caps for increased comfort.

– Attractive, sporty look.

– A cover for glasses is included.

Brand: Accent


MLB unisex Sunglasses

mlb unisex sunglasses

  1. These MLB officially licensed sunglasses feature spring hinges and rubber support grips.
  2. One side features a team colored logo and the other side team wordmark.
  3. I picked these up to put in hubby’s Easter basket & they were a hit.
  4. He wears XL sized baseball caps but these sunglasses fit just fine.
  5. Great add on gift, package topper, or way to show pride in your favorite team at a great price.
  6. I really enjoyed my first pair, and for the price I don’t know if you can find a better pair of sunglasses.
  7. They are really inexpensive so they obviously don’t fit or act like oakley’s, but overall they look nice and provide good protection from the sun.
  8. I would recommend these sunglasses for any Yankees fan.
  9. They are very lightweight while still being sturdy and without looking or feeling cheap.
  10. Tinting is good, they definitely function the way a good pair of shades should – and they fit well too.
  11. True, they fit snugly, and if your head is on the large side, they may be too tight for you, but I love the fit on me!
  12. The are great looking and I love that they cover the whole area of your vision.
  13. Because they fit snugly, there is no space between the sunglasses and your face, so your total vision area is within the sunglasses.
  14. I bought myself a pair, and then bought a pair for a friend, who, by the way, loves them.
  15. They are exactly the same, except they are a different team.
  16. They are both MLB/NFL sunglasses with the attached card attesting to that fact.
  17. Unless you have a giant head, I think you will love these good looking sunglasses.
  18. Both of them are baseball fans, so I took a chance on these sunglasses.
  19. Well, in spite of being made in China, these are licensed major league baseball products, are colorful, and very well made.
  20. This review will be updated after Christmas when I get a chance to observe their reactions.
  21. They are cheap, but they always break on the top right by the bridge of the nose.

Buy MLB unisex Sunglasses here $10.01 – $20.90

More Birds Hummingbird Feeder, Red Vintage Antique Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Burnt Penny Accents, 20-Ounce Hummingbird Nectar Capacity

more birds hummingbird feeder red vintage antique glass hummingbird feeder with

  1. We are also a company comprised of individuals passionate about birds.
  2. We took careful time and consideration to develop quality birding products to bring more birds and more joy into your yard.
  3. Our feeders are designed to benefit birds and attract more birds to your yard.
  4. Our products are developed with both the consumer and the bird in mind.
  5. Because of their high metabolism, hummingbirds spend a great deal of energy flying so they must feed almost constantly.
  6. The Red Vintage Hummingbird Feeder features a beautiful red vintage-inspired glass bottle and a matte gold finish feeding tray with five durable metal perches.
  7. The 20-ounce capacity will provide enough nectar to keep your resident hummingbirds full, happy and coming back for more!
  8. The upscale appearance will complement any yard or garden decor.
  9. For best results, use More Birds Premium Nectar, which simulates natural nectar found in flowers.
  10. Because when you feed birds, you help more baby birds survive.
  11. More birds will eat more insects, so you’ll need fewer chemicals to control them.
  12. Using fewer chemicals makes the environment healthier for you, your children, your pets, our water supply and wild birds.
  13. We can make a world of difference, one bird feeder at a time.
  14. The Vintage Hummingbird Feeder features a red antique glass bottle and a gold base with five feeding stations.
  15. Our red hummingbird feeder is designed to draw the attention of hummingbirds who typically feed from red flowers in the wild.
  16. The 20 ounce capacity will provide enough nectar to keep your resident hummingbirds full, happy and coming back for more!
  17. Hummingbirds are very territorial and may attempt to drive off your seed eating birds if they are too close to your nectar feeders.
  18. Also, to keep your nectar cooler and fresher longer, hang your hummingbird feeder where it receives minimal direct sunlight.
  19. Tip: You can plant nectar producing flowers that will also help attract hummingbirds to your feeders.
  20. Cleaning the Feeder
    You should clean your hummingbird feeder every three to four days.
  21. Use only warm or hot water and a soft brush to clean the feeder.
  22. Hummingbirds do not like the taste of soap so you should never use soap, only use diluted down bleach to clean your feeder if necessary.
  23. More Birds Feeders by Classic Brands
    Classic Brands is a family-owned company with over 100 years of management and design experience in the birding industry.
  24. After talking with bird lovers all around the country, we took what they know and combined it with what we know to make feeders that are better for you and better for the birds.
  25. All our feeders are easy to fill, easy to clean and our Stay Full Port; provides constant food at each perch.
  26. Our feeders serve any seed so you can select the favorite food your desired bird likes.
  27. Plus, with the adjustable perches, you can tailor the feeder for the birds you want, allowing you to truly Choose Your Birds!<
  28. We moved to the desert where there are no signs of life, no cute critters to be seen.
  29. I hoped this would attract some tiny hummingbirds in front of the kitchen window to cheer my mom up.
  30. I opted not to hang it on a chain, instead letting the birds use the hanger as a perch.
  31. The little guy you see in the picture stops by faithfully everyday at lunchtime!<
  32. Our neighbors saw the flocks of hummingbirds at our house, and have all switched to this exact feeder.
  33. The metal base is so much better than the plastic ones out there.
  34. We often have 2 birds drinking together, at the same time, out of the same hole.
  35. The red is wearing off just a bit where we screw on the base, but it still looks great, is holding up well after hanging all summer.
  36. No leaking (see tip), the base tightens easily, & obvious when it is tight enough.
  37. There is a small amount of rust on the metal base where it screws on.
  38. This is after a full summer of use, refilling every day.
  39. Tip:
    1) After filling and screwing base on: Turn it right side up towards one of the half circles on the bottom of the feeder base.
  40. We give these as gifts often, knowing we are giving a nice looking, quality feeder that will attract the most hummingbirds.
  41. It holds a ton of food for our little feathered friends.
  42. I LOVE that it’s glass, so I don’t have to be TOO careful about if the water is still a little warm when pouring it in (unlike the plastic feeders which could melt).
  43. I’m just not a fan of a big fruit or anything of the sort hanging around my house, so I thought this was an elegant solution, while still being red to attract the birds.
  44. It holds plenty of fluid, so it doesn’t run out quite as fast as our previous feeder which was smaller.
  45. There are a couple of things of note, but they do not change my opinion on the product, but I thought others might want to know: Firstly, the glass portion is painted, so you can already see where some of the paint is coming off the threads at the bottom.
  46. I assumed that when purchasing, but just wanted to confirm for others.
  47. It’s not a big deal, but you obviously have to be aware of it when you take the base on/off as to avoid having it fall off and it getting lost.
  48. Even with my items of note, I adore this bird feeder and wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again or recommend it to a friend.
  49. I’ve had multiple different ones and this one tops them all!
  50. First day putting it up I had about three hummingbirds.
  51. Next night I came home and there where over a dozen hummingbirds fighting over it.
  52. Night time start and again it was a war zone of hummingbirds.
  53. So my husband and I decided to buy another one we loved it so much.
  54. I also love how it has something for the little birds to perch on.
  55. But I’m not to worried about the since you can buy glass paint and repaint it if it fades.
  56. I have had my feeder for 5 days and already have 4 hummingbirds.
  57. I change the nectar daily to prevent mold with this horrible heat.
  58. Love the base where they can perch and drink the nectar.
  59. Not sure if this is a stained glass or not, and hope the redness of the glass holds it form.
  60. Four Stars only because time will tell if it stays true to it’s color.
  61. Many other glass feeders like this one have not, and start to peel the paint off the glass.
  62. They go for my old faded plastic one first but will go to this one if chased or scared away from it.
  63. The reason it only got 3 stars though is because there is a bit of rust on the under side of all the drink holes.
  64. That part is metal while the bottom/saucer piece is plastic.
  65. It holds lots of nectar, is easy to clean, easy to put together, and the birds love it.
  66. Side by Side, huming birds are all going for older one ..
  67. Very pretty to look at & my hummers love to sit & feed on it.
  68. It took about 6 weeks for the birds to start using it, but they’ve found it and it is very popular.
  69. This is very hard to open as it’s hard to get a good grip around the little perches.
  70. Secondly, I live where temps are in triple digits most of summer.

Buy More Birds Hummingbird Feeder, Red Vintage Antique Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Burnt Penny Accents, 20-Ounce Hummingbird Nectar Capacity here $23.91

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