butyl turf Adidas nova TRX tf

butyl turf Adidas nova TRX tf 1
The latest proposition of football shoes from adidas from the 11Pro line or the 11nova model.

The upper part of the adidas 11nova shoes was made of natural leather.

Turfs intended for playing on artificial turf fields.
Convenience and precision, something you can expect from adidas 11nova football shoes.

Modeled on the top match model or 11pro! Specification:

– Level of advancement:

– Weight:
Vases size is 34-220 grams

– Footwear intended for:
Fields with artificial grass

– Dedicated to:
Players who value comfort, reliability and ball feel.

Suggested position on the pitch-defenders goalkeepers

– The upper is made of: natural leather-soft and has additional stitching which significantly extends the life of the upper.

– Sole type:
Sole designed for artificial grass.

Brand: Adidas


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