butyl football Adidas nova TRX tf black yellow
Shoes Adidas 11Nova TRX FG TRAXION TRX TF sole for all artificial surfaces and frozen grass pitches. Made of high quality synthetic leather, which guarantees comfort and high quality.

The shoe is fitted to the anatomical shape of the foot.

The profiled insert increases stability, provides cushioning and gives a sense of comfort.

The sole is made of EVA material, thanks to which the shoes are light, they guarantee maneuverability and grip. Designed for playing on hard, frozen surfaces, and for playing on the type of orlik. Adidas 11NOVA created for players looking for stability and full control over the ball.

The TRAXION system-more evenly distributes the weight of the body.

Traxion consists in a special set-up of studs in the sole of a football shoe. Developed by Adidas, the task is to distribute the player’s body weight evenly.

Traxion outsole shoes provide better grip than standard models, help balance the balancing of the body and effectively depreciate while running. shoe dimensions in cm

Brand: Adidas


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