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Football protectors made of the highest quality material resistant to damage.

The material bottom part protects the ankle from breaking and prevents movement of the protector while running.

The product is TUV certified, which means that it meets all safety standards.

The rear part is covered with EVA foam, which improves comfort and convenience of use.


– A great protection thanks to the Hard Shell of the gregarious.

– EVA soft, comfortable material.

– Easy and accurate fit thanks to Velcro fastening straps

– Additional cube protection

– TUV-security test.

Brand: Adidas


adidas Performance Adult Ghost Pro Shin Guards

adidas performance adult ghost pro shin guards

  1. A separate front plate enhances fit, while a snug compression sleeve holds the guard securely in place without bulk.
  2. The size medium runs only 3 3/4 inches across the “furthest” part.
  3. I really can’t even see too many youth players who would be able to wear these.
  4. In addition they are so rounded you would have to have legs like 2″ pipes in order for them to come close to fitting correctly.
  5. I read a ton of reviews where people were complaining about the size of these.
  6. Love that I can wash the sleeves and that the backs of the guards are a “pleather” like material.
  7. My daughter is 4’10” and the small barely covered the lower part of her shin.
  8. He likes the way they are molded for his leg and the sleeve really holds them in place.
  9. Hopefully will last a couple seasons but initial impression is very good.
  10. The plastic guards were ok, but the right shin sleeve was way too small and would not fit over the plastic guards.
  11. So basically a waste of money – could have been ok with a sleeve replacement.
  12. My daughter LOVES the shin guards with sleeves and even asked why she never thought to get them sooner (instead of the bulky ones she has been wearing for years)!!
  13. One star for now because the shin guards arrived without the sleeves.
  14. Now I have to go through the hassle of trying to return or get exchange.
  15. JV soccer practice started today and now we have to wait longer before we’ll have the shin guards AND the sleeves.
  16. I purchased a medium because i am 5’8 and it is supposed to go up to 5’9.
  17. It was both too short and also too narrow for my shins.
  18. I went into a big 5 so that I could try on different pairs before purchasing.
  19. He says they are comfortable and he is happy with them.
  20. Moderately comfortable (okay to wear but couldn’t wait to take them off after playing).
  21. Certain color variations had this info in a graphic of someone holding guard, while most did not.

Buy adidas Performance Adult Ghost Pro Shin Guards here $5.72 – $72.04

adidas Performance Ghost Youth Shin Guards

adidas performance ghost youth shin guards

  1. They feature highly protective front plates, single front closures plus attached ankle guards for adjustable guard width and ankle protection as well as EVA backing for high comfort and durable cushioning.
  2. I ordered a smal for my six year old and it should’ve been plenty big for her.
  3. Disappointing on sizing chart provided and cost to return item.
  4. I have attached sizing chart on package to help others.
  5. I bought two mediums for my son (solar green & black) and daughter (pink &shock green).
  6. See picture for reference as to wear the shin guards hit at the knee (for the green) and well below the knee for the pink.
  7. Again this is despite the fact that they are both size medium and both have the same size chart on the packages.
  8. Well the small came and i was furious they look like something a toy doll would wear.
  9. Size small was too small for my average sized 4 year old.
  10. I have used them for both my children and when they grew into the next size, I had to use the Adidas size chart given by the seller to determine size (the tag on the old shin guards had worn too much to be able to read the previous size.
  11. They are exactly 3’11” tall which is the minimum size given for the Medium size.
  12. According to the Adidas size chart (printed on the package), the size Medium should fit children 3’11”-4’6″.
  13. When they arrived, they barely covered HALF of their shin.
  14. The rough estimation for a correct fit is if you can place more than three finger widths between the top of the shin guard and the bottom of their knee cap.
  15. So who would have thought that they needed a size large, but sure enough, when we reordered size large, they fit perfect (three finger widths between guard and knee).
  16. My second complaint is that our seller would not honor a return or exchange regardless of the fact that I used the sizing chart that THEY provided by the MANUFACTURER no less!<
  17. A couple kids and parent commented how great they looked and I told them to come here to get it.
  18. This is the juniors size small I bought for a 7 year old girl.
  19. If anyone wants these, let me know since it cannot be returned.
  20. My son likes them but he is 8 going on 9 in a couple months I wanted a pair that would last a while.
  21. I ordered the XL thinking they might be big but they will probably only last one year if that.
  22. Smaller than I expected and my son is skinny with skinny legs.
  23. Plus we couldnt return them so I was out money because of the size.
  24. Barely covered half the shin of my 4 yr old and apparently not eligible for return.
  25. I just got tje package today and it wont let me return.
  26. They fit perfectly for my 4 y/o daughter and 3 y/o son.

Buy adidas Performance Ghost Youth Shin Guards here $5.35 – $51.34

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