shirt adidas ester jr blue white
Functional t-shirt with CLIMALITE technology.

Soft, lightweight material that provides perfect moisture control, draining it from the body.

– Made of non-tearing fabric.

– RelaxedFit-regular cut t-shirt.

– Logo embroidery


Material-100% polyester, ring weave,



Brand: Adidas


adidas Performance ACE Fingersave Junior Goalie Gloves

adidas performance ace fingersave junior goalie gloves

  1. They have been awesome through out playing games and have complete protection as well.
  2. This is her first pair so we don’t have a lot of experience with these types of gloves.
  3. They were pretty stiff at first and a little hard to use.
  4. She has quickly been able to work them in and really loves them now.
  5. She does keep a squirt bottle with her at all times when using them.
  6. She has heard that it can help extend the life of the gloves.
  7. She says they can dry out and crack without keeping them damp while using them.
  8. We are happy with our experience with these gloves so far and would recommend these to others.
  9. I would never let my goalies play without using a fingersave type of glove or some kind of chest protection (like a baseball heart guard shirt).
  10. They will last you for one season, then need to be replaced.
  11. That’s all I expect out of them and that’s what you will get.
  12. We play two games a week for 9 weeks so 18 games total.
  13. They have proven their worth twice so far by the goalie taking a shot almost to her face and she put her hands up.
  14. The ball went off her fingers because the glove kept them straight.
  15. Dick’s Sporting goods had them for the same price but it was late September.
  16. He has used them about 8 times since then and they are already tearing.
  17. Make sure you return before 30 days also, because after that they are nonrefundable.
  18. I’m very disappointed and glad we bought the cheapest color option for about half of normal price.
  19. The fingers perform as advertised and seem like a great feature to an novice soccer-mom like myself.
  20. We’re keeping them and seeing how long they last with the material already showing defects on the foam surface.
  21. For now 2 stars because I do not think they will last very long.
  22. They are the perfect thickness on the palm side (fairly thin) to keep the sting away and still be able to feel the ball to handle it.
  23. The finger savers on the back are a must have and these allow for free movement while keeping them from going backwards too far.
  24. The back is also pretty heavily padded which is wonderful.
  25. These gloves have saved him from the regular injuries that were happening every game and practice last year.
  26. The bad: we are only a couple of practices in and have only had one game so far.
  27. The palm side of the gloves are already deteriorating and may be useless before long.
  28. The cheaper pair he had last spring didn’t have the finger savers, but the palm part is still good.
  29. I’m not sure why these are deteriorating so quickly after only a couple practices and one game.
  30. These have held up well (6 months with 2-3 games a week including outdoor, indoor and futsal) and they have remained sticky until foam wears away.
  31. Finger savers fit his kid hands well and have not torn or came apart after the usual cleaning required with outdoor use.
  32. This is caused by diving on the ground and using you gloved hand to catch yourself.
  33. The fit on these was perfect, according to a web site that discusses how to select soccer equipment.
  34. My grand daughter is an excellent all-around player, and she loves the gloves.
  35. She usually plays goal-keeper one quarter out of each game, playing forward most of the rest of the game, so she is not hard on these gloves.
  36. I can’t comment on how durable they might wind up being.
  37. These gloves really help him block shots over his head as stiff finger splines don’t allow his fingers to bend backwards.
  38. I think he’s more aggressive as he’s not worried about hurting his hands.

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