polo Football Adidas final Wembley capitano
Football Adidas Finale Wembley Capitano is a replica of the official match ball of the Champions League UEFA Champions League LEAGUE 2013.

The ball is intended for training and playing on natural surfaces. Made of high quality synthetic materials.

The ball probably behaves during the flight, does not deform.


– Butyl reverse valve

– latex detector

– natural surfaces

Brand: Adidas


Adidas Finale Wembley Capitano Training Ball 4

adidas finale wembley capitano training ball

  1. In addition to adidas’ now iconic star pattern, this 2013 ball has graphics to celebrate and commemorate the fact that the finale has been held in Wembley for 50 years.
  2. I noticed several defects in the stitching in the ball.
  3. The ball is stamped with a “2 year shape and stitching guarantee”.
  4. I contacted Adidas to no avail – they didn’t offer any solution and basically disregarded me and the warranty.
  5. About 2 years ago I got the same ball (Adidas Finale Capitano) which was made in China.
  6. The stitching is holding up very well after about 2 years and the ball has very few ruts.
  7. The ball has a soft touch and is very comfortable to kick (not cement hard like other balls).
  8. Either the factory in China is producing higher quality balls than the factory in Pakistan or the quality today has extremely degraded from 2 years ago.
  9. Their customer service is TERRIBLE and they don’t stand behind their products!<

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adidas Performance Champions League Finale Capitano Soccer Ball

adidas performance champions league finale capitano soccer ball

  1. The casing of the ball is made up of TPU material, giving it a soft bounce with greater durability.
  2. To ensure minimal loss of air a butyl bladder has been used in this UEFA Champions football, helping to retain the shape of this soccer ball.
  3. There is no stitching around the stars like in the product description.
  4. I bought this to replace a lost ball like the one pictured, but this is not the quality I thought by the picture.
  5. Unfortunately, it’s also has that slick “plastic-ky” feel.
  6. Having played with the 2017 as well, I’d highly recommend spending the extra few dollars on that because it has a much softer touch.
  7. I’d rate the 2016 replica 3 stars, but I’m giving a 4th in recognition that the 2017 is considerably better.
  8. There are some new micro-textured balls in this price range that I’d rate 5 stars / suitable as “game” balls, so you might want to keep shopping if you’re not specifically interested in the replica design.
  9. If you’re shopping for a soccer ball and you don’t have a pump, stop writing negative reviews and buy a darn pump.
  10. All soccer balls need to be re-inflated from time to time.
  11. Seems the packing people used box cutters to open the shipment from adidas, and slashed a few balls.
  12. I cannot give 0 stars apparently but that’s what it deserves 0!<
  13. There is good stitching compared to other balls I have seen giving it a great feel and peace of mind that it will last.
  14. No complaints so far and the ball has been holding air over the last few days of use.
  15. Very frustrating to buy a mid level ball and have it loose air so quickly!<
  16. It does not stay inflated for more than a day or two, we have to pump it up twice a week.
  17. She doesn’t use it intensively in practice though since the coach brings his materials.
  18. Ball looks great but unfortunately not reliable for game day event.

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