butyl into water Adidas jawpaw

butyl into water Adidas jawpaw 1
Airy men’s sports shoes, designed for water sports as well as everyday use.



Model-Jawpaw 662846

Upper-Synthetic material-breathable mesh.

Outsole-Rubber resistant to abrasion.

Adidas Drainage System.


Brand: Adidas


adidas outdoor Men’s Climacool Jawpaw Slip On Walking Shoe

adidas outdoor men climacool jawpaw slip walking shoe

  1. Hard to break these in, but I’m sure it will be fine once they are.
  2. Hard rubber around the sides of the foot and not much arch or bottom of foot support.
  3. The box it came in says 11, the label on the wrapping says 11, but the tag on the inside of the shoes says 11 1/2 (pictures attached).
  4. If you think the shoes are too big, check the actual shoe tag because it may be a 1/2 size higher than whats on the box.
  5. No worry about them wearing out while wolking on concrete.

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adidas Outdoor Jawpaw 2 Water Shoe – Men’s

adidas outdoor jawpaw water shoe men s

  1. Dried well when wet, and, unlike other adidas shoes, fit my wide feet.
  2. Unfortunately, the shoe tore apart in the wash, even in a bag.
  3. Like the original, these rub a bit on top of the feet a bit at first, then fine.
  4. Unlike the originals, the silver stripes of this one cause the top of the shoes to arch.
  5. Stamped concrete is VERY slippery the first few years until your second sealing when you can add some grip media so I was looking for a water shoe to wear and not break my neck.
  6. My wife and I are pretty monogamous Adidas wearers so I was glad to see that they #1 made some, #2 seem to be highly rated and #3 were pretty nice looking.
  7. A lot of raters called these out as being very comfortable, plain and simple, they’re really not.
  8. The tongue loop is a piece of nylon type fabric with sharp corners that is sewn on the inside which rubs against the top of your foot and will drive you nuts.
  9. I burned them smooth which improved it greatly, but seems like a dumb design.The insoles are not fixed which means if you use one foot to remove the other foot’s shoe, the insole is probably coming out and you’re going to have to fight to get it back in there, which can try your patience a bit.
  10. The grip and water drainage are excellent, and they have some decent arch support which most brands dont and there is ample toe protection for those who walk in rocky waters or even have their feet jammed into kayaks.
  11. They’re made well, they do what they’re supposed to do, I just wish they put a bit more thought into the little things.
  12. These shoes have a grippy sole and wire mesh drainage and are lightweight slip ons.
  13. I wear a size 12,
    normally with this type of shoe my foot fits fine.
  14. If you have a pencil for an ankle you will have no problem getting these on.
  15. I’m a slim guy, don’t have massive ankles or ‘cankles’.
  16. These shoes are practically impossible to get on and with no socks even.
  17. By the time I get them on I feel like I need to rest an hour!
  18. Definitely need to size up on these and then I would be wary.
  19. I wanted a pair of water shoes that I could wear around the backyard, and in the pool.
  20. They run a tad small, so I struggle a little to put them on.
  21. Just make sure that no debris gets in the shoe, because it will disrupt comfort.
  22. The shoe part is incredibly well made, and do not seem like they will fall apart after one season, like my last pair of less expensive water shoes did.
  23. They are a tad expensive, but so far, I am digging them.
  24. My recommendation would be to get a 1/2 size larger than actual.
  25. The opening is not too elastic, so it may be easier to put on if they were a little larger than needed.
  26. I bought them to take on a trip to Cancun and I used them all day a few days over there and I had no blisters, no smells, and held up just fine.
  27. I would highly recommend these shoes for water activities.
  28. I originally bought these because there was a hike that had a lot of water in the trails and I heard people went up in flip flops so I thought this shoe would be perfect.
  29. The hike ended up to be very strenuous with lots of rocks and small rivers to cross.
  30. They help up good in the current of the water never felt like they would come off.
  31. They protected me well from the rocks as my friends ended up with sore feet with other branded water shoes when I felt fine.
  32. One star fell off because they did rub pretty bad on my first metatarsal bone to the point that it painfully peeled off my skin.
  33. Do consider as a buyer that my review is based on a use that wasn’t intended for.
  34. In a lake or ocean this shoe is solid and drains water very well.
  35. One last negative thing is that the shoe looks great but after one use in the famous red soils of Hawaii the yellow part of the shoe got stained.
  36. They fit better, however were still uncomfortable but I wore them anyway for a 2 day trip to the beach.
  37. I wish I had found the keen watershoes before I bought these.
  38. I will likely wear them again as I cant stomach the price I paid to only wear them twice.
  39. I will be looking to replace these sooner than later as trips to the beach are common living in FL.
  40. Some of the stitching on the inside protrudes a bit and rubs on side of toe.
  41. Fit better and are more comfortable than regular boat shoes.

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