bench control integrated with racks tsl
The technologies and modern solutions used go hand in hand with the best quality of materials used.

As the only company in US, we produce home appliances using state-of-the-art computer controlled machines, which ensures perfect fitting of the parts and significantly enhances the aesthetics of workmanship.

Thanks to the use of strong profiles with a cross-section of 40×40 and thick 5mm plates connecting the individual elements of the bench, we guarantee full equipment stability, which translates into the safety of your training.¬†Check what exercises you will do with the bench TS1L07

– Squeezing the barbell in a wide grip lying down
– Pressing the dumbbell on the bench with the head down
– Squeezing a dumbbell lying on a bench
– Squeezing the barbell in a narrow grip lying
– Hangers with dumbbells on a horizontal bench
– Pressing the dumbbell while lying on the bench
Technical parameters: Height: min. 112 cm max 152 cm Width: 109 cm Length: 145 cm Weight: 27.1 kg Backrest adjustment: 6 items Seat adjustment: 3 positions Maximum load: 250 kg Constructional profile: 40 x 40 mm Material: Polish steel Finishing: powder coating Occupied surface: 1 , 55 m2



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