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Air hockey)

BUFFALO AIR ATTACK 4ft is ideal for home use.

The main feature that distinguishes it from other models is a unique beautiful appearance. Thanks to its light weight and size it is suitable even for small rooms, where it can easily be moved


– manual gate counters-count for

– built from MDF

– playing field-plastic (plastic)

– blower under the table powered 230 V

– accessories included (2 pieces of players and krazkow)

– quick and easy assembly

– weight 15 kg

– external dimensions: 122 cm x 61 cm x cm 78.7 cm

– playing field: 114 cm x 58.4 cm

– packed in one carton weighing 18 kg and dimensions 127 cm x 66 cm x 14 cm

Brand: Buffalo


BOESHIELD T-9 Rust & Corrosion Protection/Inhibitor and Waterproof Lubrication, 4 oz aerosol

boeshield rust amp corrosion protection inhibitor and waterproof lubrication aer

  1. T-9’s rust preventative spray uses a unique formulation of solvent carrier and paraffin wax coating engineered to penetrate crevices deeply, displace moisture, dissolve minor corrosion, and leave a clean, waxy coating with lasting durability-without using Teflon, silicone, fluorocarbons, MEK, or acetone.
  2. Whether it be automotive, bicycle, industrial, lawn and garden, marine, RV or tools, T-9 continues to be the best option for rust prevention and waterproof lubrication.
  3. Boeshield T-9 endures muddy bike trails, rain-soaked back roads, and salted highways.
  4. It withstands farmer’s fields, offshore oil rigs, and carpenter’s workshops.
  5. For everyone from firefighters and road crews to cyclists and sailors, Boeshield T-9 is the proven solution.
  6. T-9 attacks existing corrosion, loosens rusty parts, and flushes out old lubricants.
  7. It is also extremely useful for drying wet parts, electrical motors and circuits, ignitions, and connectors.
  8. T-9 dries to a waxy, waterproof finish without leaving a sticky film to attract dirt, dust, or mud.
  9. T-9 stays liquid long enough to permeate metal crevices and seep deep inside assembled components to leave a durable protective coating as well as lubricating and protecting-all without dismantling your equipment.
  10. One simple step gives you a thin, penetrating film of durable, waterproof protection and lubrication that endures, months after month or mile after mile.
  11. T-9 dries to a clean, waxy, waterproof film that won’t wash off in rain, puddles, or mud.
  12. You can rinse away sand, dust and grime with water, while leaving the lubricant intact.
  13. T-9 will not harm paint, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, or vinyl.
  14. T-9 is nonconductive and will not cause short circuits, so it’s also safe to use on electronics.
  15. Use solvent or any emulsifying cleaner to easily remove T-9, or simply respray and allow T-9 to dissolve itself before wiping it off.
  16. I have it sprayed on my trailer springs and suspension, which is stored outside in San Diego.
  17. I dinged it a star because it doesn’t work well for some applications because it becomes sticky after some time.
  18. It prevented rust on the table saw, but greatly impeded the actual use of the saw, even after wiping off the residue.
  19. I had to dig out the paste wax and re-apply before I could use the saw again.
  20. It leaves an almost unnoticeable film, that allows the spray to last and protect.
  21. I have an untreated metal gas tank on my vintage motorocycle (I like the metal ‘madmax’ look) that has 0 rust.
  22. I cannot say it is better than some of those other brands but has worked just as well for me.
  23. I doubt I got an ounce of product out (and not because of a clogged nozzle).
  24. At this rate a pump-spray bottle would be a better way to delivery the product.
  25. Ive used ski approx 7-8 times after using this product.
  26. WD-40 will remove the residue but after ur next time on the water , it will happen again.
  27. I tried a few other products but didn’t like the residue that some of them left.
  28. After I cleaned up the surface rust and applied a light coat I haven’t noticed any more rust on any of my tools.
  29. I recommended this to two of my friends who are also woodworkers and they’re just as impressed with it.
  30. It does an excellent job of protecting the metal on guns from rust and corrosion.
  31. I want to warn you to be sure that the metal surface is very clean before putting the T9 on it.
  32. If you are using it on a fire arm, be sure that you have removed all of the powder from the metal surface with a good powder solvent like Hoppe’s 9 solvent.
  33. Then use a cloth to wipe off all of the solvent and gun powder.
  34. Fooled me once by getting placed in the same ads as the real can.

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Advanced Elements Attack Whitewater Kayak

advanced elements attack whitewater kayak

  1. Constructed of durable 840 Denier PVC Tarpaulin and weighing in at 34 lbs., this kayak consists of three air chambers and features a series of self-bailing ports, adjustable thigh straps, an adjustable seat, hull abrasion rails, and a self-draining covered rear cargo hold for stashing gear.Adjustable seat.Welded seams.Molded rubber grab handles.
  2. It was definitely more for my money then I ever expected.

Buy Advanced Elements Attack Whitewater Kayak here $531.44

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