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Air hockey) BUFFALO VORTEX is ideal for church use in schools, clubs and parishes. Perfect for more demanding individual users. Its appearance and functionality and sizes are the closest to professional devices, but the price is much lower.

The device has a stainless steel playing field-much more durable and resistant to abrasion.


– manual gate counters

– built from MDF

– playing field-stainless steel (metal)

– blower under the table powered 230 V

– accessories included (4 pieces of players and 3 krazki)

– quick and easy assembly

– dimensions of the playing field 198x 106.5 cm

– external dimensions: 213 x122 cm 81 cm

– weight of the device: 77 kg

– packed in one carton weighing 87 kg, dimensions 220 x 127 x 21 cm

Brand: Buffalo


Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn with Built-in Siren – Adjustable Volume Control and 800 Yard Range – Ideal for Football, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey and Basketball Cheerleading Fans and Coaches or for Safety Drills (PMP30)

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  1. It comes with handheld mic & works with just 4 D batteries.
  2. Pyle PMP30 megaphone bullhorn needs 4 D batteries & features a built-in siren so you can get everyone’s attention fast.
  3. DETACHABLE HANDHELD MIC: This compact director megaphone can hold the microphone up to your mouth and point the megaphone at any direction allowing for use both indoors and out.
  4. Its 50 watt power output gives it the extra punch that it needs to get your message across.
  5. It also boasts an ergonomic pistol grip and lightweight chassis that make it comfortable for you to hold and use for long periods of time.
  6. You may also use the alarm function for getting a crowds attention quickly and efficiently.
  7. The Armed Forces are known for demanding durable, high quality tools to get the job done.
  8. That’s why our megaphones are made with military and you in mind.
  9. Pick one up today and see why we are the military’s choice for megaphones.
  10. When using a megaphone you want to be heard by as many people.
  11. Having a far ranging reach is important and this is why our megaphones are built to project up to a whopping 800 yards.
  12. The superior engineering of this unit allows it to reach further than many would think is possible with a unit this size.
  13. Take your megaphone where you need to without having to worry about a power source.
  14. Ideal for indoor or open air utilize, the PMP30 offers both talk and consideration snatching siren modes with variable volume control so you can modify the sound to fit the space.
  15. Intended for string free utilize, the PMP30 keeps running on 4 D batteries (sold independently).
  16. The bull horn likewise incorporates an advantageous handheld amplifier and conveys a one year guarantee from Pyle.
  17. Check with you local authorities to ensure it is legal for you to possess before buying!
  18. In the mornings, I blare the siren thing and it scares the snot out of the kids.
  19. Then I switch it to talk, and start my lifeguard voice, “Ok, everybody up.”

    My kids kinda hate me now but it’s so worth it.

  20. She wanted me to coach her in Soccer, I warned her I’d coach her military style(I’m Navy) So now that she’s outta school for summer I sneak into her room and scream at her to get outta bed and move her worthless butt to the field.
  21. Then I chase her outta the house screaming at her as we run to the field around the corner.
  22. Problem is if I don’t hide it she will get revenge on me and chase me around the house with it.
  23. Then mom gets ticked takes it from both of us and starts screaming at us and chasing us around the house with it.
  24. Then I found out it had a siren and decided to scare the neighbors which was great.
  25. Don’t get it if you have kids it’s way too much fun you will murder them.
  26. Had to use a small screwdriver (like one you would use for eyeglasses) to pick into the release part.
  27. My husband shook it a couple of times and now it works.
  28. Gave this 4 stars for the hassle of having a stuck battery compartment door.
  29. I should deduct another star for future problems with opening the compartment door.
  30. And maybe deduct a second star because we had to shake it to get it to work which tells me this isn’t going to last very long.
  31. Cheaper to buy another one rather than send it in for repairs.
  32. I bought it to yell insults at my congressman’s headquarters as I drive by on the freeway twice a day during my commute, he’s a worthless, corporate-owned jerk and it makes me happy to remind him of it on a daily basis!<
  33. I hate yelling and sometimes my kids and their friends can’t hear me calling for them in my own house.
  34. It also works great for calling the kids home when they are playing up the street, too.
  35. When I really need to get their attention, I will use the siren feature for two seconds.
  36. I was impressed by the feel of the Items since they was so cheap.
  37. But after installing the Batteries I must say I was impressed by how loud the Things are.
  38. As for the Battery installation they fit in the Device easily and secure.
  39. People who said the Latch and Door are flimsy I didn’t find any truth to that at all.
  40. I even registered both Items for warranty with Pyle online.
  41. I bought two of these so that the people on the shore and the people in the rescue boat could communicate more easily.
  42. I also need the one in the rescue boat to coach the girls while they sail.
  43. The first day I kept ending up with batteries rolling all over the motor boat 5 or 6 times.
  44. The light that indicates whether or not the megaphone is on is red so it is impossible to see in the bright sunlight on the boat so one of them got left on and the batteries were drained very quickly.
  45. Even though it is very affordable, it isn’t worth the money.
  46. In order to get it to work properly I had to hold the cover down.
  47. On many of them you have to insert the batteries just right for the device to even turn on.
  48. My students and I had to adjust and readjust the batteries about 10 times on a couple of them before it worked properly.
  49. They were cheap though so I guess you get what you pay for.
  50. The handle is a little wonky; thats really the only negative I can think of.
  51. Its perfect for getting the kiddos to focus in the morning.

Buy Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn with Built-in Siren – Adjustable Volume Control and 800 Yard Range – Ideal for Football, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey and Basketball Cheerleading Fans and Coaches or for Safety Drills (PMP30) here $14.99

Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn with Built-in Siren – 30 Watt Voice Recorder & 800 Yard Range – Ideal for Football, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Cheerleading Fans & Coaches – PMP35R

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  1. VOICE AMPLIFIER MODE: Amplifies your voice as spoken into the microphone.
  2. This mini electronic bullhorn megaphone produces 30 watts of sound that can possibly cover 800 yards.Truly are huge with it goes to the utilization of our amplifier.
  3. SIREN ALERT MODE: Pyle PMP35R amplifies an emergency tone with adjustable volume control through the megaphone speaker.
  4. Our versatile bullhorn really equals that of which is delivered by significantly bigger and considerably more costly gadgets.
  5. VERSATILE: This portable megaphone with siren is amazingly lightweight and has been fitted with an advantageous conveying strap.
  6. Our megaphone bullhorn speaker works with just 4 D batteries.
  7. BUILT IN SOUNDS: It has been programmed with a wide range of sounds that will add fervor to your occasion.
  8. Utilize the siren when you need to stand out enough to be noticed.
  9. Our amplifier bullhorns offers a scope of audibles including a siren.
  10. Ideal for indoor or open air utilize, the PMP35R offers both talk and consideration snatching siren modes with variable volume control so you can modify the sound to fit the space.
  11. Intended for string free utilize, the PMP35R keeps running on 4 D batteries (sold independently).
  12. A built-in microphone, in the rear of the unit, is activated by a trigger control and offers convenient voice recording with ten-second integrated audio memory for voice playback.
  13. Additional features include adjustable volume control, a built-in siren, and a wrist strap.
  14. About Pyle

    Electronics producer Pyle was originally founded in the 1960s, manufacturing advanced audio woofers.

  15. The company’s popular first speaker, the Pyle Driver, eventually became a bestseller and household name.
  16. Over the course of the next four decades, Pyle broadened its line of audio equipment to include products in the automotive, home, marine, professional music, and outdoor categories.
  17. The siren scares the h3ll out of the kids and that brings them in line instantly.
  18. When they are out in the yard, I can yell at them to come in with ease.
  19. MEGAphone let’s me shout at the neighbors with authority.
  20. I can also muster more volume than they can so I can drown them out in shouting matches.
  21. It sounds like a connection isn’t great inside because it squelches pretty frequently when changing volume.
  22. I bought this for our band director because he seemed to be screaming himself hoarse when calling out directions to our high school marching band from the top of the observation tower.
  23. I was actually quite surprised at how well it performed.
  24. From the top of a 30 foot tower positioned at the 50 yard line, the instructions could be very clearly understood at both ends of the field.
  25. Just be aware that there is no momentary push to talk button.
  26. When you turn it on it stays on until you turn it off and if you don’t use the on/off switch effectively, you’re going to run through an awful lot of batteries.
  27. She beings yelling at her husband late in the evening (around dinner time).
  28. I decided that in order to derail her yelling, and create some mild entertainment for my wife and I; this bullhorn was just the ticket.
  29. I fired up the bullhorn, about 1/2 volume and in my best authoritative voice told her to “Pipe Down”.
  30. Not to be outdone, she started up again about 30 minutes later.
  31. Using my cellphone, I recored a police siren onto the bullhorn.
  32. I couldn’t be happier with the bull horn’s performance and the outcome.
  33. I almost wish it hadn’t work so well, because now I have no reason to use it.
  34. My only regret is that I couldn’t order one for her husband, he probably needs it the most.
  35. I yell at construction workers when they are standing around as well as traffic when they will not let me in.
  36. When your husband just disappears when you need him to do something, the entire neighborhood finds out quick.
  37. I recommend this bullhorn for anyone who wants fast results and is sick of all the idiots around them moving slow.
  38. Great for calling out people going in and out of drug houses, people who don’t think anyone is watching them let their dogs poop in your yard.
  39. We love to watch all the critters that frequent our yards; however, when they are so hungry they have to attack our garbage can and we have to restore the garbage to the can it is a bother especially if they do it on the morning of collection.
  40. PPP is an effective tool for giving the critters the boot but with humanity to a small degree.
  41. Mama bear is larger than our garbage can and she has at least two hungry cubs.
  42. I just wish I had a free hand to capture a picture of the three of them looking at me with such a scared look on their faces.
  43. Off to the woods they go and probably to grandma’s house.
  44. Not only does the PPP have a shrill sounding siren but it has the capability to record about 10 seconds of any sound the user may desire.
  45. I recorded my voice calling the dogs and all I got was their barking because they do not like strangers and at times some of us are quite strange.
  46. It claims a range of about 800 yards and that is an accurate claim.
  47. To test the claim I left the house with the horn in hand and turned on the siren and the sound could not be heard from at least 600 yards.
  48. No compensation was made for the hills, houses and trees.
  49. Thank goodness the neighbors were at work and for those who were at home they shook their heads and said there goes crazy man again.
  50. The plastic is of a quality material and should last quite some time.
  51. I sure am glad we have a few D Batteries on hand because we will be using them as long as we have unwanted visitors or our local PD tells us to stop with our antics.
  52. This is not only a fun product it is well made and we highly recommend it for any type of need that requires bullhorn techniques.
  53. Bonus points if you get this for a kid who lives somewhere else.
  54. Tell them to stfu in style w/o breaking your ceiling or straining your voice.
  55. There are alarm sirens on it that I sometimes use to wake up my kids when they are stubborn to get out of bed.

Buy Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn with Built-in Siren – 30 Watt Voice Recorder & 800 Yard Range – Ideal for Football, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Cheerleading Fans & Coaches – PMP35R here $15.47

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