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The presented aluminum scooter is a leader in its class.

Extremely fast and maneuverable.

Thanks to the use of ultra-light aluminum and ABEC-7 bearings, it has an amazing drivability. It is characterized by minimal resistance while driving, and the large 145x300mm wheels ensure excellent grip and ensure safety. Perfect for children as well as for young people. Maximum user weight 100kg. It has a non-slip, abrasion-resistant coating.

The scooter is additionally equipped with an adjustable steering wheel, and all constructions can be easily folded, which makes transportation much easier.


– Material: aluminum-steel

– Wheels: large, rubber 145x24mm

– Bearing: ABEC-7 Carbon (One of the fastest on the market.They are characterized by the least resistance during turning and the highest speed of rotation.They provide the most pleasant ride without resistance arising during the rotation of the collection. )

– Weight: only 2.83 kg

– Maximum load:

– Folding function

– rear brakes

– covered with non-slip lining used in skateboards, which allows you to perform various types of tricks

– height adjustment of the steering wheel, maximum 88.5 cm

– aesthetic packaging with a carrying handle

Brand: Nils

5 wisdoms Pro Stunt Scooter Compression System HIC Kick Scooter for Intermediate and Advanced Rider

wisdoms pro stunt scooter compression system hic kick scooter for intermediate a

  1. Standard system: our forks are used with headsets, our unique pattern,applicable for HIC.
  2. I cannot find anything about a 5wisdoms scooter company.
  3. The list of features on this scooter rival most 200 to 250 pro complete scooters.
  4. Im a moderate sized dude and the bar are a great height, though maybe on the low side.
  5. Thats an easy enough fix though because this model has an HIC compression system of it wich allows for all kinda of aftermarket parts to be added.
  6. Might be a bit overpriced for my liking – but he really wanted it and paid half.

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OUTON Scooter 110mm Aluminum Core Wheels Abec-9 Kick Scooter

outon scooter aluminum core wheels abec kick scooter

  1. Comes in 2 vibrant colors to style up your rider along with lightweight box-shaped deck design for smooth grinding.
  2. The scooter also features high-strength handlebar with comfort rubber grips.
  3. The ideal scooter for beginner riders the classic OUTON has been totally redesigned to handle all obstacles whether on the street or in the skate park.
  4. If you’re looking for the suitable park scooter, you can’t go past this quality OUTON scooter, which has been design for Beginning riders.
  5. It is made of 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum T6 with reinforced heat treated forged plates in the deck to offer a light weight but more sturdy and safer.
  6. This scooter has been put to the test by our Pro Team to ensure it is easy to ride.
  8. Not included) Handle bar is wide and cushion is soft and comfy.
  9. Height is not adjustable but ride is comfy for children and adult up to 5’6.
  10. As long as you tighten this as much as you can, this is a perfect scooter!
  11. It comes in 2 pieces, you literally put the handle bars down into the front pipe, use the enclosed tool, and tighten it.
  12. Make sure to keep the handle bars straight with the wheel when you tighten.
  13. I had my son hold the wheels straight with his feet while I tightened.
  14. I would highly recommend, awesome scooter and we’re perfectly happy with our purchase of it!<
  15. My forks keep getting loose as I ride around due to the neck nut coming loose.
  16. I have tightened it several times and set the lock nut but it still gets too loose over time.
  17. Now I believe it is because the threads are stripped and it doesn’t tighten anyway.
  18. Bottom line is this fork neck (or bearing hub) is made from soft pot metal and the threads are gone and scoot rattles like crasy.
  19. Only thing holding it together is the clamp holding the handle bars on.
  20. So far the scooter has been holding up to my son’s abuse.
  21. My son is a 10yr old kid that is a beginner in the Trick Scooter world, but 7days now and it still has not broke.Sturdy by all measurements.Nonslip grip tape makes it easy to stay on the scooter.
  22. Easy to install the handlebars, Smooth & silent wheel bearings.
  23. You can’t hear Oz when my child is zipping around the house.For the price and quality of this scooter, perfect!!<
  24. The product description says it is for doing tricks and for advanced riders up to 300lbs.
  25. My son is only 82lbs and was only riding it for 2 weeks and the most difficult thing he did was jump it off our sidewalk curb.
  26. I have contacted the seller and will update if/when I get a response.
  27. I will update again later once the product has been tested.
  28. Good present for teenagers, as I had one growing up and had lots of fun getting to close by places in minutes.
  29. This is slightly smaller than I anticipated but it is a good size for a kid.
  30. It came in as two big pieces and you need to hook the two parts together then tighten it.
  31. It comes assembled, but you must assemble the handle bars.
  32. It comes with the tools necessary to attach them to the rest of the scooter.
  33. The wheels are made of high quality rubber which allows for a smooth ride.
  34. The foot part is covered with sand paper grip that is also very high quality.
  35. The handle bars include rubber hand grips which increase comfort.
  36. The scooter itself is very sturdy which makes it easier to balance when riding.
  37. In the past, I have purchased razor scooters which are not as sturdy as this scooter.
  38. Product packaging great, received a surprise.I can’t wait to open it.
  39. The frame is of good quality.Standing skateboard is frosted texture.It’s easy to assemble.The handlebar is placed on the frame.Tighten the screws.Be accomplished.
  40. Would like to return and get money back as the metal is defected.

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