pot tourist aluminum Esbit radiator

pot tourist aluminum Esbit radiator 1
If you are going to the field and you need a sturdy pot that meets harsh conditions, then the Esbit Radiator choice is a shot in a decade.

The material from which it was made is anodized aluminum, which offers phenomenal properties.

The importance of proper equipment in the field kitchen is something that lovers of staying in the open air do not need to convince.

Only the highest quality products, made of the best materials, are able to meet slightly more demanding conditions than during the preparation of meals on the home stove. That is the Esbit Radiator set.

The use of anodized aluminum allowed for a significant reduction in the weight of the Esbit Radiator pot, making it a great companion at the time of backpacking. In addition, it is durable and resistant to damage-thanks to which its lifespan was significantly prolonged, making it possible to obtain a faithful friend for many trips and thousands of kilometers traveled after the purchase. For efficient metering of liquids, it will be used with a resistant scale placed inside the pot, which is a precise scoop. The most important element of the pot’s construction, which was also inspired by the producers to give it a name, is the heat sink. Its main and most important task is the absorption of thermal energy produced by the burner and its appropriate distribution.

Thanks to this solution, the cooking time has been significantly reduced-possible even in windy conditions.

However, the pot is just a part of the set-most certainly the most important one, which does not mean, however, that along with other elements can be passed without even the hint. Among other things, it is a durable and extremely functional gripper, which will allow for a certain transfer of a heated pot. In addition, the set has a robust and practical lid.

Also, the kitchen lid plays an important role. It will allow you to minimize the risk of being burned during kitchen revolutions.

Esbit Radiator is a set, which should be the owner of any lovers of good food and forms of rest or activities taking place in the open air. The set includes:

– Anodized aluminum pot with a heat sink from below;

– Durable cover;

– A functional gripper for carrying a hot pot;

– Material kitchen lid;

– Mesh transport cover;


Capacity-2.35 l

Maximum dimensions of the pot with lid-approx. 12 x O20,5 cm

Pot weight-approx. 260 g

Weight of the whole set-approx. 470 g

Brand: Esbit


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