orthosis ankle joint ss uni left Rehmat

orthosis ankle joint ss uni left Rehmat 1
U-SS-01 ankle brace belongs to the TALI STABILIZER group, it is a universal product-without size, it has been made of an innovative ACTIV PREN raw material, characterized by softness and high elasticity, which definitely facilitates adhesion of the product to the limb and guarantees proper compression. It is a structural raw material consisting of perforated neoprene foam and polyamide casing knitted fabrics.

Thanks to the perforation, the protected pond is additionally ventilated and its heat is maintained. A very important asset of this raw material is that it is not knitted, it does not have thick fibers, so the knits of the knitted fabric do not impress the patient’s skin and do not cause wounds in places of high compression.

ACTIV PREN has a loose membrane made of microfiber that receives sweat from the patient’s body, leads it to the space between it and the main raw material, where pores in neoprene sweat evaporate.

This raw material design guarantees that only the minimum amount of sweat is found at the patient’s skin, which allows the use of our orthoses in extreme conditions-e.g. in sport. Universal size.

The product appears as right / left.

Stabilizes the ankle and steppe; by maintaining a stable temperature and elastic pressure relieves pain, has the effect of reducing the edema, facilitates the absorption of sheds and hematomas. It allows faster return to work or training.

The effectiveness of the action depends on the used footwear-indicated adidas type sports shoes, qualified tourism footwear, specialized sports footwear. Indications and rules of use are determined by the attending physician.

– after injuries to the ankle and steppe not requiring immobilization

– after surgical treatment of ankle and steppe for traumatic and pathological reasons

– after damage approx. Trailer Achilles’ string

– in pain syndromes on the ankle and steppe caused by injuries or overload (excessive training or heavy physical work)

– in inflammation of bursa, tendons at ankle level

– in post-traumatic chronic instability of the ankle

– prophylactically in sports with an extremely heavy ankle and Achilles’ tenderness-reduces the risk of repeated injuries

Brand: Rech4mat

Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace, Left Foot, Black, Medium (Shoe Size: Men’s 7.5 – 11.5 / Women’s 9 – 13)

aircast ankle support brace left foot black medium shoe size men women s

  1. A single strap replaces time-consuming lacing, making it easy to apply in seconds.
  2. It features Breath-O-Prene fabric which enables your foot to stay cool and dry during use.
  3. This ankle support brace incorporates a stabilizer located on either side of the ankle, which is molded at a 60-degree angle to help guard against ankle sprains and rollovers.
  4. It provides support at the weakest point of the ankle, yet allows for normal dorsiflexion and plantar-flexion (bending).
  5. This ankle support brace has a low-profile structure, allowing for minimal bulk while wearing shoes.
  6. IndicationsChronic mild instability; Prophylaxis

    Legal DisclaimerActual product packaging and materials may contain more and different information than what is shown on our website.

  7. I wear a 6 1/2 shoe, so I purchased the size Small according to the sizing chart.
  8. This was after a broke my ankle (lower fibula) and even though it was healed, there was still a bit of swelling.
  9. The Aircast arrived and I tried it out and it’s very comfortable, and gives a good deal of support (because of the stiff sides).
  10. At the same time this brace is also very bendable front-to-back, letting you flex your foot and walk properly.
  11. It’s nice, but after wearing it a couple of hours on the 2nd day I found my foot feeling fatigued.
  12. I think this is due to the brace being slightly too tight and sits too low, making my shoe not slide on properly.
  13. I looked at the Aircast website, and watched a couple of Youtube videos on how this thing should fit and what people had to say.
  14. I think I should have ordered a medium, for a couple of reasons:
    1) Since my foot and ankle are still slightly swollen, my shoes size is most likely larger than normal.
  15. Because my foot is slightly swollen, the part that goes under my arch is a bit too small, making the hard places on the brace go down a bit too low.
  16. Since a 6 1/2 is right at the top of the size 1 sizing chart, Medium would have been a better choice for me for that foot.
  17. Because I still need side support for outdoor activities, I am going to try purchasing the Medium.
  18. I am not returning the small, as I think eventually that one might work later when things are back to normal (if that ever happens).
  19. Once I get the Medium, I will append my review here and update the stars as needed.
  20. This item is not eligible for return if it does not fit.
  21. I could not find this notice anywhere in the point of purchase information.
  22. Now I am stuck with a ankle brace that is far too small.
  23. I bought it based on the skimpy data about shoe size and thought it would actually fit based on this information.
  24. IT DOES NOT FIT and now I am stuck with this unwritten policy prior to purchase it.
  25. I like my current ankle brace a lot but a friend showed me this brace and I wanted to try it out because it looked like it might be even better than the one I have.
  26. There is way too much gapping in the brace and my ankle doesn’t feel stable at all in this.
  27. I feel like this brace is better suited as an ankle guard to protect against people kicking at your ankle rather than protecting against the extensive pivoting you do in soccer or any other sport really.
  28. I’d return it except they don’t allow for returns, so instead I’m writing this review to steer others away.
  29. I can roll it just walking down the stairs or stepping wrong while walking the dog.
  30. So for the brace to be able to offer me full support for playing high level soccer, its a pretty big deal!
  31. This ankle support was comfortable, provided reassuring support and fit inside most of my shoes which allowed me to get around easily while completing physical therapy.
  32. I ran across these A60s and they seemed perfect for what we needed-easy to put on and not a lot of bulk over the arch of the foot.
  33. When we received them I was a little disappointed to find that the top velcro strap, the lining and the velcro on the bottom strap were all pure white, but the embroidered lower strap and the brace fabric were almost yellow (see picture).
  34. We’ll keep them anyway–my daughter doesn’t love how they feel (she says the metal supports are too far towards the front foot) but they’re more comfortable than the old braces.
  35. She wears a size 10 in Nikes and we ordered a medium brace which fits as it should.
  36. I have chronic ankle problems, and after my latest (basketball) injury I purchased several braces (and have tried many over the years) as this last injury came about while wearing one.
  37. The Aircast, while having a slightly awkward/not as tight feel as others, seemed to give the best protection when it comes to rolling out an ankle.
  38. Wore it as I get back into basketball and some martial arts.
  39. After only a couple of months (and light use, as I am easing myself back in, not playing often), the brace started coming apart.
  40. You can see in the photos how on the bottom, some of the stabalizing peices punched through the brace.
  41. This compromised the stability of the brace, as well as being very uncomfortable.
  42. Loved this to start, but a brace at this price should last much longer than these seem to.
  43. I would buy another when the time comes .I have a size 13 4-E foot and the large fits great !<
  44. After seeing my doctor 15 months later he asked that I use a sturdy brace until my MRI was done &…

Buy Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace, Left Foot, Black, Medium (Shoe Size: Men’s 7.5 – 11.5 / Women’s 9 – 13) here $31.31

Aircast Air-Stirrup Ankle Support Brace

aircast air stirrup ankle support brace

  1. It’s intended to prevent or treat acute ankle injuries, chronic instability, post-operative use and ankle sprains grade I, II, and III.
  2. Featuring semi-rigid, anatomically designed shells which help stabilize and protect the ankle.
  3. These shells are lined with patented Duplex air cells that enhance circulation and reduce swelling and edema.
  4. The air cells are pre-inflated, and provide pulsating compression while walking.
  5. The Aircast Air-Stirrup Ankle Support Brace resists inversion more than taping, yet normal flexion is virtually unrestricted.
  6. Plantar Fasciitis, Foot, &amp; Achilles Tendon Pain Relief.
  7. It just works better than anything else out there for an ankle on the mend.
  8. I’m just recovering from a bad class 2/3 Spain and tried a few different support modalities while in recovery.
  9. The Aircast has the best combination of comfort and support.
  10. I’ve worn it in boots, as well as my dress shoes for work.
  11. My only complaint is that they don’t make this model in black, so it’s not very sexy.
  12. Understand that you will probably want to remove a lot of the air out of the two bladders.
  13. They supply a little clear flexible tube to insert into the air bladders to remove excess air.
  14. You will see this little end on the air bladder that is tucked toward the hard plastic.
  15. When you have adjusted the amount of air that you want in the bladders, you just fold the little end back over and it rests against the white plastic.
  16. Also, there is velcro on the 2 vertical sides of the portion that goes under your foot.
  17. You will need to release one side of the velcro to adjust how wide you want the bottom.
  18. The best way to wear this air cast is with cotton socks.
  19. The cotton sock will wick away moisture that tends to collect between the bladders and your skin.
  20. I actually have seen a HUGE difference when I wear it and when I don’t.
  21. It took a while to “figure out” the best way to wear it so don’t give up.
  22. Was able to wear my shoes(sometimes took a little longer getting them on) I am giving one star because almost 33 days after purchasing it, the strap broke.
  23. What seems to be holding the straps together is glue, instead to stitched together which would last much longer.
  24. I have another similar ankle brace that I had for over 7 years, only reason I was replacing was due to wear/tear/dirty.
  25. I rolled my ankle over the outside of my foot so my injury was pretty low.
  26. At least I could drive with it on, but that’s the only good thing I can say about it.
  27. For a higher injury, it may work better and the air cushions make the brace reasonably comfortable.
  28. I decided to get this one and was happy it qualified for next day shipping.
  29. My doctor recommended I wear it over my ace bandage and I find that it provides a lot of stability for my ankle while it’s still healing.
  30. It’s not too bulky for wearing with pants but you might find it might not fit all of your sneakers.
  31. Velcro tabs at the base and around leg make it very customizable.
  32. The only potential problem is fitting it in a shoe, of course.
  33. I didn’t feel like it was broken but definitely felt like I needed a brace.
  34. I didn’t have insurance at the time but thanks to Google, I am just as qualified as any doctor (lol).
  35. This got me through the healing process ad I would wear it from time to time when doing strenuous things as it took my ligaments months to completely feel normal.
  36. My only complaint is the plastic isn’t breathable and my ankle was sweaty a lot.

Buy Aircast Air-Stirrup Ankle Support Brace here $14.00 – $85.14

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