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Comfortable and comfortable, anatomically shaped silicone mouthpiece is made of the highest quality non-allergenic materials and is directed towards the diver, which significantly improves the comfort of use.

The AJAX pipe has a fluted connector made of PVC, which keeps the mouthpiece in place even after it is released from the mouth by the diver and reduces water resistance during the flow. AJAX is equipped with a height-adjustable mounting bracket, allowing easy attachment of the pipe to the mask strap, and also at the end of the purge valve that accumulates water, which will manage to get to the inside of the pipe.

After reaching this chamber, the water automatically lowers it through the valve under the influence of gravity or it can be blown out without effort before the diver.

The main part of the AJAX pipe has a large diameter that facilitates breathing and is made of a slightly resilient, durable material, which reduces the risk of damage to the pipe. The AJAX pipe has a strongly curved shape and is available in several attractive colors.



Bottom valve-Yes

Ultra Dry System-No



Joint-PVC made

Snap fastener system Quick-Relese-No


Color-light blue, blue, yellow

When ordering, please give your chosen color, in the absence of such information, the color will be sent randomly.

Brand: Aqua-Speed

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