pipe AQUASPEED basic

pipe AQUASPEED basic 1
A diving pipe with a bottom valve for easy blowing of water. It has a silicone mouthpiece and an anti-wave tip in a bright color to improve the visibility and thus the safety of the float.


– silicone,

– mounting bracket for mask strap,

– anatomically shaped mouthpiece-DRY system,

– bottom outlet valve,

– available colors: yellow, blue

When ordering, please give your chosen color, in the absence of such information, the color will be sent randomly.

Brand: Aqua-Speed

aqua speed

TWO – 420Pokers Brand 3.75″ Zinc-Plated Steel Basic Pipe Poker (Very Strong!)

two pokers brand zinc plated steel basic pipe poker very strong

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    AmazonBasics Ladder Golf Set with Soft Carrying Case

    amazonbasics ladder golf set with soft carrying case

    1. Play the game indoors on a rainy day or outside at a backyard barbecue, tailgating event, family reunion, or beach party.
    2. Easy to learn, the ladder golf game offers interactive fun for the whole family and is suitable for ages 14 and up.
    3. Each target consists of PVC piping that neatly joins together to construct a frame, which measures 40 by 24 inches when fully assembled.
    4. The soft carry case makes the ladder golf set easy to access, whether from the closet or the trunk of the car for grab-and-go anywhere fun.
    5. Disassemble both targets and place all game pieces inside the case for convenient take-along transport and tidy storage.
    6. The frame’s square-shaped base ensures reliable stability.
    7. Each bola consists of two balls (the same size and weight as golf balls) joined together by a string.
    8. I got a cheap set and it broke almost immediately with the first play.
    9. This set while not expensive has thicker PVC tubes and will last longer.
    10. Overall highly recommend for backyard use and tailgating!<
    11. Can’t wait for another gathering to have more tournaments.
    12. Even convinced some parents to buy it after watching their kids enjoy it so much!
    13. This is a great product, easy to put together, easy to take apart.
    14. My 5 year old plays it at her own distance, so it’s fun for the entire family.

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