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pipe AQUASPEED coral 1
Children’s snorkel with bottom valve and second valve-upper, preventing flooding the tube.

The ULTRA DRY system used ensures the delivery of air to the mouth of the diver without simultaneously getting water.

The pipe has a special chamber in the upper part, which prevents water falling into the main breathing hole, which allows you to breathe freely. If in spite of everything a small amount of water gets into the main chamber of the pipe, in its lower part there is a purifying valve, through which the water leaves the pipe under the influence of gravity or when the diver exhales. Thanks to this the chances of getting water to your mouth are very low.

The tip of the pipe in a bright color makes it easier to see the diver in the water.

The CORAL tube has a molded shape and a comfortable mouthpiece made of durable, non-allergenic material.

The main pipe compartment has a wide diameter, which guarantees comfortable breathing. CORAL Pipe has a sliding handle that allows it to be attached to the mask strap.

– Silicone, anatomically shaped mouthpiece

– Modern system ULTRA DRY

– Lower outlet valve

– Pipe tip in bright color



Bottom valve-Yes

Ultra Dry System-Yes


Snap system for Quick- mask Relese-No


Available colors-blue, yellow

Brand: Aqua-Speed

aqua speed

686 Women’s Rhythm Pipe Glove

women rhythm pipe glove

  1. So the price is great and I loved that from the beginning.
  2. I have pretty small hand, I should say short fingers and wide fist.
  3. I ordered S, (I wear size 6,5 or 7 with different brands.) It fits perfect, I didn’t want gloves to be too loose.
  4. I haven’t snowboard or ski in them yet, so my review yet is based only on the first impression.
  5. There are the pictures and some measument of my hand, and if you have the same, then get size S, because with those measurements the length of my fingers is perfectly matches with length of the gloves and they sit tight.
  6. If you have longer fingers, then you probably would want to go with Medium!<
  7. The part on your palm is made with a little bit rubbery material, they call it anti-slip.
  8. These gloves are not for very cold low temperatures, like in Alaska, but they will be great for pipes or parks, also for people who don’t like when their palms sweating!
  9. They fit exactly as expected and the color is the same as pictured.
  10. First is they shipped via fedex which got them to me about two days late.
  11. Second is these are not thick winter gloves, I think they are like a shell and you would want to buy a liner to go inside.
  12. That left me a little disappointed because I hadn’t planned on needing a liner.
  13. The mesh in between the fingers lets in water and will soak your hands if you’re spending any time with your hands in the snow.
  14. I wore these snowboarding in 30 degree weather with high winds in northern Arizona.
  15. They cut the wind so they’re better than nothing but my hands were stinging and wet after an hour.
  16. My fingers FROZE the first time I wore them snow boarding.
  17. I’m really disappointed that 686 wouldn’t make these gloves warmer.

Buy 686 Women’s Rhythm Pipe Glove here $17.99 – $37.11

Bike Brite Blue Coral Blue Buster BB200

bike brite blue coral blue buster bb

  1. Blue Busterr is also great for chrome and other metallic trims and accessories keeping them brilliant and protected.

Buy Bike Brite Blue Coral Blue Buster BB200 here $8.20

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