pipe AQUASPEED orion

pipe AQUASPEED orion 1
Snorkel pipe with a slightly curved, ergonomic shape, equipped with a splash tip, which makes the water harder to reach the inside of the pipe.

The water, which nevertheless manages to get inside, accumulates in the chamber with the built-in bottom valve, from where it spends automatically under the influence of gravity, or it can be blown out effortlessly by the diver.

Anatomically shaped mouthpiece ORION and its flexible joint are made of high quality silicone.

The pipe joint has a flat inner surface, which prevents water accumulation and also facilitates breathing. Pipe wrist allows the mouth to fall freely, after letting it out of the mouth by a diver.

The ORION pipe has a height adjustable clip allowing quick and convenient attachment of the pipe to the mask strap.



Bottom valve-Yes

Ultra Dry System-No



Joint-Made of silicone

Snap fastener system Quick-Relese-No


Available colors-blue, yellow

Brand: Aqua-Speed

aqua speed

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