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Short training fins made of soft, very flexible silicone, ideal for swimming training. Increase the efficiency of leg work, speed of swimming, while spreading the physical effort during training.

Brand: Aqua-Speed

aqua speed

Speedo Rubber Swim Fins

speedo rubber swim fins

  1. Created to meet the precise needs of swimmers, each fin is built to increase strength and propulsion, while improving stroke technique and promoting a natural kick.
  2. Made from soft natural rubber for optimal flexibility and comfort, this swim tool can help swimmers at every level improve kicking technique and speed.
  3. My 5 year old daughter got size XXXS (size 12 toddler shoe size ) and my 7 year old son got size XXS (toddler size 13/youth 1 shoe size).
  4. I am attaching the sizing chart since I had a hard time finding it on the Speedo website.
  5. I need to apply a bandaid or toe protector to stop causing me blisters.
  6. However this blue model has printed under the size M as 7-8.
  7. Right around a year after purchased, the toe edge of one broke.
  8. It also makes the leg workout a little bit hard than you and helps with burning calories.
  9. If you are lap swimming with these make sure you swim by time and not by lap because you go way faster with flippers.
  10. Also i would get a size on the bigger end like if you are border the Large and the X-Large i would go for X-Large because i found myself getting really sore toes with the smaller pair.
  11. She wears a size 7 in a sneaker and her foot is average in width.
  12. She loves these because they do not squeeze her feet or leave impressions across the top of her feet.
  13. She likes the band that came with them so that she can keep them together in her swim bag.
  14. She has used another brand in the past but those fins were heavier and more rigid.
  15. She prefers the Speedo fins to the ones she used previously.
  16. There were some reviews concerning early tearing I will watch out for those, but I don’t see how the rubber could be torn except by extreme abuse.
  17. I have only used these fins now maybe two dozen times (been busy with other things) but they seem to give me a really good workout.
  18. I have had 3 back surgeries in 4 years so I am really in need of strengthening my back and leg muscles in particular, I think these fins will do the trick.
  19. I have bought the same size each time and that is based on their instruction.
  20. I will send these back again and try a different brand.
  21. This means my feet stay in place in the foot pocket and don’t cramp up!<
  22. They fit me great, but not sure if they’d fit any larger.
  23. They’re not uncomfortable on me by any means but I’d say if you’re at the top of a size range, I’d say to size up.
  24. If you have wider feet I’d say size up or look into a different pair of fins.
  25. Sporti & Finis are good for a more standard/wider width foot in my experience.
  26. They are high quality and will last through my youngest child.

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Long Floating Fin

long floating fin

  1. My son is 14 and wears a 5 1/2 (don’t know it that is considered Big Kid or Mens size).
  2. But once we got the correct size, they worked great at our local pool for snorkeling and moving you quickly across the pool.
  3. She is just getting into size 11 in girls tennis shoes so I was a bit unsure which pair would fit better.
  4. The green fins fit my daughter much better and so I would say to other buyers that these fins run a little large, you want the fins to be snug enough to stay on their feet while swimming) not a big deal though because eventually my daughter will get into the orange pair.
  5. She just started on the swim team and long rubber fins are a requirement for the swimmers (it helps train them to get proper kicking down and keeps up there speed so the young swimmers can keep up with the older ones.) All of the kids on my daughters swim team use this brand fins and these are the ones the coach recommends they are durable and good quality the long fins work better as well.
  6. I do have one concern with my order and that is that the Orange pair seem to have some cosmetic imperfections as pictured.
  7. Not really happy about this since this should have been easy to catch upon a basic inspection of the product.
  8. What happened to 2 day free shipping for prime members?
  9. Sizing this fins can be challenging and hit or miss depending on your feet shape and length.
  10. I wasn’t expecting it to fit like a sports shoe especially given the size range but I thought I point out the shape and length of the slot did not fit me at all.
  11. So, I bought 9-11 thinking it’d be good considering many reviewers recommending you to buy one size larger.
  12. But when I received it, I had to put quite a lot of force to squeeze my foot into each fins.
  13. Shape of the slot – Note that most feet is wider at the toes than heel, but the shape of the slot you wear into widens too little at the front.
  14. When I try to stand up, the front part of my foot is very tight to the extent of being painful and you can’t walk even few steps.
  15. I know the fins are not used for walking, so that’s fine but I didn’t expect it’d be painful.
  16. Length of slot – While the back part around my ankle has a snug fit, my toes protruded out quite a bit.
  17. When you stand up on land, it doesn’t matter because the traction from the rubber prevents your feet from moving much.
  18. But when you’re in water, the water allows your feet to move forward somewhat and as result my toes protrude even further out to the extent there’s abrasion above my toes.
  19. Thinking I bought the wrong size, I bought another larger one 11-13.
  20. The length is ok, but now, the cavity is a little too big and my foot can move inside and there is no snug around my ankle.
  21. As a fin, it works well and offers great flexibility and propulsion.
  22. I though I was kicking correctly, but the fins proved me wrong.
  23. Unless your filming your strokes you really can’t tell your faults.
  24. Once I tried the fins kicking from the knees was impossible.
  25. I feel the workout through my core when dolphin kicking.
  26. Down side: for me I should have shopped for a smaller fin in length.
  27. The length slows down the turns which is really not a problem.
  28. Arrived on time, as depicted in add, fits well, would recommend and buy again.
  29. I recommend you find a place that has them in store and try on.
  30. My daughter wears a kids size 12 and the junior 11-1 was huge – fell off in the pool.
  31. Once you get the right size, they really help kids swim faster, learn to kick legs, they’re comfortable and stay on.
  32. Much higher quality than what you’ll find on the swim isle at Target.
  33. I would venture to guess if your foot were a 10 1/2 or larger you would want to go with XL.
  34. I always wash them off with soap and water in the shower after each swim.
  35. I also wear a pair of very thin socks to keep from getting blisters.
  36. I also cut about 3 inches off the end of them so they don’t propel my quite as fast.
  37. I will definitely buy these again when mine finally do wear out, though there’s no sign of that happening anytime soon.
  38. I wear a size 7 shoe, and was barely able to put them on.

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