Aquasphere eye sight jr clear silver pink
Panoramic swimming goggles that ensure perfect visibility in the 180 degrees range without distortions.

The gasket and the double strap are made of a delicate, skin-friendly silicone. Perfect protection of eyes and high comfort are provided by lenses with a non-evaporating Anti-Fog surface and a sunscreen.

The easy-to-use strap adjustment mechanism allows the perfect fit of the goggles to the shape of the head.


– silicone gasket

– silicone double strap with a simple length adjustment system

– glass with high scratch resistance

– visibility without distortions in the range of 180 degrees

– Anti-Fog coating preventing misting

– 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation

– smaller dimensions

– perfect fit to the shape of the head

– high comfort of use, do not oppress the head, do not irritate the skin

– packaging: cassette

– color: silver-pink

Brand: AquaSphere

Aqua Sphere Vista Junior Swim Goggle, Made In Italy

aqua sphere vista junior swim goggle made italy

  1. Environment : Indoors and Moderate-light Outdoor Conditions.
  2. The low profile frame is made with the soft yet durable Softeril material for a comfortable fit and the stylized frame offers fun and exciting colors that kids will love.
  3. The lightweight Plexisol lens offers 100% UVA and UVB protection, has a special anti-fog treatment, and is scratch resistant.
  4. Integrating the new Quick-fit buckle makes finding the perfect fit faster and easier than ever.
  5. I hope that helps someone when making a decision as to which pair to get for a 5 year and up child.
  6. I believe these were best suited for a 3-4 year old child.
  7. The strap adjustment will need the help of a parent and I do not believe the child will be able to do it on his/her own.
  8. The regular Vista goggles are easier to use for a child and I put up a review on those.
  9. He’s used them 5 times already in the swimming pool and said he can finally see when searching for those water rings in the pool.
  10. I had her put it on for fit and she said it was very comfortable but on close inspection you can see the seal wasn’t sealing properly (why not??
  11. Two stars for the incredibly easy adjustment tabs on the sides of the lens.
  12. Too bad they couldn’t be so innovative with something to adjust the nose bridge gap.
  13. They should post a minimum nose bridge height requirement.
  14. Sure enough he loves them and the 3 best features are 1 they have a little button to push while you pull the strap to fit perfectly, super easy!
  15. I must say all my concernes were washed out with this precious googles.
  16. They are big enough to cover part of his forhead and very confortable since they can be ajusted to the comfort of my son.
  17. I’ve tried every method I know to prevent the leaking and have not had any luck.
  18. They fit their faces nicely and look to have a very nice sizing mechanism.
  19. However, they leak and that doesn’t do any good when I’m trying to teach them to dive for things in a pool with confidence.
  20. They are a little on the pricey side for kids since my kids seem to lose absolutely everything, but well worth it.
  21. My kids were a little bit afraid of wearing goggles but these almost fit like a mask and don’t feel like they are squishing their eyes.
  22. My daughter has used them since she was 2 years old and she has a very tiny face.
  23. She hates splah in her eyes preventing her from fully enjoing her pool time.
  24. As a diver i tested its fit on her face and even mine (despite this is not intended for apnea nor scuba diving).
  25. The material is flexible enough to adjust the the face with a perfect fit and very comfortable.
  26. Despite the field of view is limited a bit on the lower and excentric corners this is a very good product.
  27. This design did not seal well, returned and got the Kayenne version which fits perfect!<

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