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Comfortable swimming goggles, perfect for training and recreational swimming.

Hydrodynamic polycarbonate lenses ensure excellent visibility in a wide range, they also have an anti-seson filter and an antifog coating that prevents misting of the glass.

The glasses perfectly match the shape of the face, do not oppress and effectively prevent water from entering the center. Model Drive is recommended especially for people with long hair.


Lens material-polycarbonate

Sealing material and strap-TPR

– hydrodynamic glass

– antifog coating

– UV filter

– self-adjusting nose.

– double bar

– they provide very good visibility under water

– they suit most faces

– highly flexible

– ideal for long hair

– resistant to damage

– Application: training, recreation

– Package: plastic case with zipper

– avoid wiping the inside of the glass

– care for the purity of the glass

– gently spit the chlorine from the eyepieces under the current water

– do not put wet goggles into the case-they must dry naturally

Technologies used: Anti-Fog-is a special polymer coating located on the inner side of the glass, which causes the drops of water to spread evenly, creating a layer of water.

This guarantees perfect visibility all the time, regardless of whether the glasses are dry or wet. The unique lens hardening process gives them exceptional transparency and prevents discolouration from the sun light.

UVShield is a protection against harmful UV rays.

In 1972, during the Olympic Games in Munich, Horst Dassler (son of Adolph Dassler, founder of the Adidas brand)

was the witness of winning 7 gold medals by the American swimmer Mark Spitz. Under the influence of this event and seeing the growing interest in swimming thanks to the Spitz phenomenon, Dassler began to create a company specializing in the production of swimming equipment and swimwear.
After the Olympic Games, the hero of which was Mark Spitz, many companies have solicited his concerns.

Eventually, he decided to cooperate with Dassler’s band to create a new swimming brand, known today as ARENA.
ARENA won the recognition of the best athletes in the world. It has equipment and clothing for water sports. Many years of investments in research, the use of innovative solutions and cooperation with the world’s most outstanding floats enabled ARENA to prepare the best quality clothing and swimming equipment. It all causes that the group of professionals who have trusted ARENA is huge.

The swim equipment ARENA is used by swimming federations, among others Germany, Russia, Sweden, Croatia, New Zealand, South Africa or Hungary.

The most well-known technologies introduced by ARENE in 30 years include: Skinfit®, Flyback®, AquaRacer®, X-Flat® and Powerskin® and Powerskin X-Treme®. They are based on perfect fitting of costumes to the user’s body, reducing the burden of materials, changing the structure, all in order to achieve the best results while maintaining the convenience of use.
The main purpose of ARENA from the beginning of its existence was to promote water sports. It was thanks to the creation of the highest quality products, intended both for professionals and for every swimming enthusiast.

Goggles presentation (English version)

: ACS system support:

Brand: Arena


arena Women’s Powerkin St 2.0 Full Body Short Leg Swimming One Piece

arena women powerkin full body short leg swimming one piece

  1. Three superior knitted fabrics have been combined to provide outstanding stretch, optimal compression, and total freedom of movement.
  2. With a new ergonomic construction for enhanced core support, body lift, stability, and comfort, the suit helps swimmers keep optimum shape in the water.
  3. The extra reinforced shoulder strap enhances upper back comfort and durability, while the flatlock seams give the suit it’s “perfect fit” feel.
  4. Last year I ordered a different arena tech suit in a size 24 and it was way too small so I decided to size up and get a 26 I tried the suit on a week before the meet and it fit perfectly, snug it all the right places.
  5. The day of the section meet I dove in to the pool for warmup and noticed the suit got loser the stretching continued throughout the meet and the next day for finals I put it on and it felt as though it had stretched to become two sizes larger.
  6. Unfortunately we are not in the US and are unable to return it.
  7. The suit that I received was supposed to be Navy, but it’s actually black.
  8. Though I don’t mind the color difference, make sure you check right away if it matters to make sure you receive the color you requested.
  9. Though the fabric content shows 71% nylon and 29% elastane, I have the feeling there is more to it than that.
  10. But the inside is a separate lining, which is much smoother / softer.
  11. The base of the legs has a strip of silicone around them to keep the legs from riding up.
  12. Though I like these strips, so may feel that they “pull” and not like them.
  13. It measures approximately 31” from the top of the shoulder to the bottom, without any stretch.
  14. Of course when you slip into the suit, it will stretch-out.
  15. This helps you feel stronger while swimming and has the added feature of holding any cushy fat spots in so you look slimmer.
  16. The kind of comfort and firmness needed in a good suit without giving up range of motion.
  17. I’m washing mine in warm water and wash tub to prevent fading and hang dry out of the sun.
  18. It’s a great color, but I don’t think it’s fade resistant.
  19. I’m not a bikini gal and at age 53 prefer more coverage.
  20. This is an athletic style that helps us older gals still feel smashing gorgeous on the beach while we jog or swim.

Buy arena Women’s Powerkin St 2.0 Full Body Short Leg Swimming One Piece here $108.70 – $183.50

arena Spiky 2 Large Backpack, Royal

arena spiky large backpack royal

  1. The distinctive square profile with u-shape zip-top opening makes it simple to carry and access all of your gear.
  2. Smart features, including our coated water resistant fabric, ventilation panels for moisture control, and 5 pockets make this bag durable and functional.
  3. Equally at home by your side at the gym, under your desk in class, on the pool deck, and on the road wherever your travels may take you, the Spiky 2 is designed by Champions for Champions and everybody who loves water sports.
  4. Only drawback: normal items plus towel fit nicely; but barely room to add/stuff in a pull buoy and that is it insofar as capacity is concerned.

Buy arena Spiky 2 Large Backpack, Royal here $59.90

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