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Material: Lenses-Poliweglan

Seals-Liquid silicone


– glass with an increased surface

– seals and nose made of liquid silicone

– one-browed sunglasses

– automatic ACS regulation system

– small size

– wide field of view in all directions

– comfortable, perfectly matched

– easy adjustment of the eyepieces during their use

– a secure fit suitable for women andchildren

Terms of use:
– avoid wiping the inside of the glass

– care for the purity of the glass

– gently spit the chlorine from the eyepieces under the current water

– do not put wet goggles into the case-they must dry naturally

Technologies used: Anti-Fog-is a special polymer coating located on the inner side of the glass, which causes the drops of water to spread evenly, creating a layer of water.

This guarantees perfect visibility all the time, regardless of whether the glasses are dry or wet. The unique lens hardening process gives them exceptional transparency and prevents discolouration from the sun light.

UVShield is a protection against harmful UV rays.

Automatic ACS regulation system. Perfectly precise belt adjustment system.

The product does not contain PVC.

Liquid silicone is the best material for the production of goggles. very soft to the touch guarantees the highest comfort. rubber removes abrasions and allergic reactions. liquid silicone is up to 20 times stronger than classic materials, thanks to which it adapts better to the face. tests carried out under unfavorable conditions (rain, drought, UV)

did not detect any damage to the material. the arena provides the largest number of spectacles in which the composition is liquid silicone. it is an unrivaled material.

In 1972, during the Olympic Games in Munich, Horst Dassler (son of Adolph Dassler, founder of the Adidas brand)

was the witness of winning 7 gold medals by the American swimmer Mark Spitz. Under the influence of this event and seeing the growing interest in swimming thanks to the Spitz phenomenon, Dassler began to create a company specializing in the production of swimming equipment and swimwear.
After the Olympics, the hero of which was Mark Spitz, many companies were striving for its reasons.

Eventually, he decided to cooperate with Dassler’s band to create a new swimming brand, known today as ARENA.
ARENA won the recognition of the best athletes in the world. It has equipment and clothing for water sports. Many years of investments in research, the use of innovative solutions and cooperation with the world’s most outstanding floats enabled ARENA to prepare the best quality clothing and swimming equipment. It all causes that the group of professionals who have trusted ARENA is huge.

The swim equipment ARENA is used by swimming federations, among others Germany, Russia, Sweden, Croatia, New Zealand, South Africa or Hungary.

The most well-known technologies introduced by ARENE in 30 years include: Skinfit®, Flyback®, AquaRacer®, X-Flat® and Powerskin® and Powerskin X-Treme®.

They are based on perfect fitting of costumes to the user’s body, reducing the burden of materials, changing the structure, all in order to achieve the best results while maintaining the convenience of use.
The main purpose of ARENA from the beginning of its existence was to promote water sports. It was thanks to the creation of the highest quality products, intended both for professionals and for every swimming enthusiast. Presentation of goggles (English version)

: Principle of the ACS belt adjustment system:

Brand: Arena


Arena Fluid Race Swim Goggle

arena fluid race swim goggle

  1. I had the Arena Vipers and they were wonderful, so I thought that this would be a bit of a cheaper option.
  2. Well they do give a wide view like it says, but they really leak badly.
  3. I try to tighten them up enough not to leak, and then I get eye aches and the pain in unbearable after a while.
  4. That should not be the case for a pair of goggles that cost this much.
  5. I guess I will go back to the cheap goggles that aren’t as nice but at least they don’t leak.

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Arena Fluid Swimming Goggles Women’s 1E191 blue blue-clear-fuchsia Size:One Size by Arena

arena fluid swimming goggles women e blue blue clear fuchsia size one size arena

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