Anti-odor preparation. N-O-DOR is a spray for clothing, hair, skin, lips (eliminates the wicks coming out of them)

and other surfaces that easily moisten. It works quickly and safely by permanently oxidizing organic particles into fragrance-free, non-volatile particles. It is always fresh because it becomes active with use. Removes fragrances without masking them.

The packaging ensures absolute freshness (the preparation is activated with use), the efficiency and ease of use.

Thanks to N-O-DOR, you can remain odorless throughout the day. It is also suitable for refreshing sports equipment, refrigerators, protective vests, surfaces soiled by domestic animals, bathrooms, children’s rooms and interior vehicles. It is worth to spray bait.

The agent removes odors, the organisms that produce them and the organic remains that they eat.



Purpose-clothing, skin (eliminates the wafting out of them)

and other surfaces that easily moisturize

Brand: Atsko


Atsko Sno-Seal N-O-DOR Oxidizer Refill (32-Fluid Ounce)

atsko sno seal o dor oxidizer refill fluid ounce

  1. Spray liberally on each layer of clothing to include gloves, hat, bottom of boots and all equipment you are taking to the field.
  2. In the field respray Hats, Cuffs, Collars, Boots and Boot Soles.
  3. At seasons end use up any mixed N-O-DOR around the house and store the bottle empty and unsealed.
  4. Mixed N-O-DOR lasts for 6 months in its spray bottle because the oxidizers are released only as needed.
  5. Before mixing, the liquid and powder have several years of shelf life.
  6. This unique package systems makes it possible for the hunter or outdoorsman to achieve on-the-spot odor control conveniently and economically.
  7. Protect the mixed spray from extreme heat (120 degrees F.) and light.
  8. The special amber bottle resists UV Light but should be stored in darkness.
  9. Rinse bottle before storing empty or before mixing a new batch.
  10. I only get to hunt in highly pressured, public hunting areas so the deer become very familiar with all of the scents, cover scents, and attractants.
  11. I’ve personally witnessed deer smelling and running from these other scent masking products.
  12. It doesn’t attempt to cover a scent with another scent.
  13. It’s also so safe that it can be sprayed into your mouth to act as a mouthwash to get rid of that salami breath 🙂
    It’s all I use.
  14. In conjunction with their Sports Laundry wash and body and hair shampoo.
  15. Basically, you walk out of your door as scent free as possible with those 3 products.
  16. They’re also hypoallergenic and super affordable compared to the competition.
  17. It seems these products have gotten stronger over the years and their leaching power is as great as a skunk’s.
  18. My husband, son, and daughter all come home smelling after a day of work or school.
  19. I even smell after ten minutes in the grocery store (and so do all of the products I buy – disgusting!!).
  20. Everyone gets sprayed down with NO ODOR when they come in the house.
  21. I also use it to spray store bought products, and the air after someone that uses fabric softener has been in my house.
  22. NO ODOR gets rid of the smell without leaving a scent of its own.
  23. NO ODOR is what Fabreeze was before Proctor and Gamble made IT smell, which only exchanges one smell for another!!!<

Buy Atsko Sno-Seal N-O-DOR Oxidizer Refill (32-Fluid Ounce) here $13.71

Atsko Sno-Seal N-O-DOR Odor Oxidizer (16-Fluid Ounce Bottle)

atsko sno seal o dor odor oxidizer fluid ounce bottle

  1. I use this in combination with the same brand shampoo/body wash, as well as keeping my hunting clothing in a scent crusher closet and scent crusher bag.
  2. I have actually had deer walk in d own wind of me and not pick up my scent.
  3. Don’t know which product has had the biggest impact, but I 2 I’ll keep up the same techniques.
  4. We use it for hunting to keep our scent down while deer hunting with our bows because you have to get pretty close for a shot and the whitetail’s nose is an amazing sense that is not easily fooled.
  5. We have been using it for years with great success:) but it also comes in handy if your dog has an accident on the carpet.
  6. We have runners in our home and my dog did his business on one while i had his belly band off.
  7. I just got all the urine up that I could and then sprayed this ATSKO on it and rubbed it in, voila, the smell was gone.
  8. I cant really tell if it’s any better than any other Scent-Away spray or Primus Earth scent that ive used.
  9. Im a bow hunter that spends a lot of time in the woods, and I know how important being scent free is.
  10. I smell no difference after using this, after using, everything smells just like it did prior to using.
  11. Bought a pizza the other day and the odor lingered in the car and became more intense as the temperatures rose.
  12. I love the aroma of pizza but not after two days in an enclosed space like a hot car.
  13. Just a couple of squeezes on the trigger and the odor was instantly gone.
  14. I use them in my shoes and let them dry a little before using.
  15. Before a long workout, I spray a bit of this in my hand and apply it as deodorant.

Buy Atsko Sno-Seal N-O-DOR Odor Oxidizer (16-Fluid Ounce Bottle) here $5.21

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