deodorant to shoe atsko shoe boot deodor powder
Atrod Shoe Boot Deodorizing Powder is a shoe deodorant in the form of a backfill.

The powder is hydrophobic so we can also use it in a humid environment. It does not contain medicines or antibacterial ingredients, it absorbs moisture, suitable for everyday use. Provides efficiency and savings, received the HIGH-EFFICIENCY rating. Properties Atsko Shoe Boot Deodorizing Powder:

– Selectively absorbs organic acids that cause unpleasant odors.

– It is mainly intended for footwear, but it can be used for helmets, gloves, hats, caps etc.


– capacity: 114 g

– deodorant for powder footwear

– it also works in the presence of water

– removes odors and absorbs moisture

– odorless

– eliminates the unpleasant smell

Brand: Atsko


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