Gloves cycling author team
Cycling gloves with short fingers.

The inner side of the highest quality Amara skin with a neoprene insert.

This provides a comfortable handlebar grip.

External side made of a special 3D mesh-ensuring good ventilation and sweat removal outside.

Thumb with terry material. Vibrating absorber. Velcro closure.


Sizes-XS, S, M, L, XL

Brand: Author


Hot Hand Shooting Heat Bundle Youth Basketball Shooting DVD Training Cards How to Fun Basketball Shooting Drills Games Skills Great for Youth Coaches Parents Kids Practice Better Shooting Guaranteed

hot hand shooting heat bundle youth basketball shooting dvd training cards how f

  1. Hot Hand Shooting Heat Bundle was created exclusively for kids and youth players.
  2. My son and I have tried all of the shooting gadgets and watched nearly all the shooting instruction DVDs on the market.
  3. Fun Drills and Games is the best way to learn any new skill.
  4. Heat Deck Basketball Drill Cards are jam packed with shooting drills, exciting games, basketball fundamentals and much more that will transform your child into a knockdown jump shooter.
  5. Coach C provides guidance and tips on how to improve your jump shooting.
  6. Just like the DVD, these drill cards cement the principles of The FIRE Method.
  7. No matter your kid’s height, size, or skill level – Hot Hand Shooting Heat Bundle can help them develop into a jump shooting machine!
  8. No need for a shooting device, aid, or glove – your youth player will develop a natural, smooth, and rainbow-arc jump shot.
  9. These are the perfect basketball shooting drills to help your kid develop into a basketball jump shooting machine!
  10. As a parent, you can develop a stronger bond with your child by practicing these drills together.
  11. I personally use these drills with my son, daughter and when coaching my youth basketball team.
  12. Easy to follow, these basketball drills can be practiced alone, with friends or a team.
  13. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – I want the best for my son and the kids I coach just as you do for your child.
  14. If Hot Hand Shooting Heat Bundle does not improve your kid’s jump shooting skills – return the Heat Basketball Shooting Bundle for a full refund.
  15. As FREE BONUSES, I included my best selling e-books, practice sheets, quick start guide and more.
  16. You will receive a digital download of drill cards to view on your smart device.
  17. Turn boring basketball practices into tons of fun with exciting games and drills with the Heat Deck Training Cards.
  18. Designed from the best selling DVD and ebook – Hot Hand Shooting – this Basketball Training Shooting Skills bundle was created by Coach C to help cement the principles of the FIRE Method and build a better foundation for your child’s jump shot.
  19. Author, coach, player, and student of the game for over 25 years, Kramon spent a decade researching the shooting techniques of great shooters and instructors like Stephen Curry, Ray Allen, Dave Hopla and Larry Bird.
  20. He eliminated what didn’t work and combined what did into The FIRE Method!
  21. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn basketball practice into fun time and discover the FIRE Method so your kid can develop the perfect jump shot.

Buy Hot Hand Shooting Heat Bundle Youth Basketball Shooting DVD Training Cards How to Fun Basketball Shooting Drills Games Skills Great for Youth Coaches Parents Kids Practice Better Shooting Guaranteed here

FREETOO Tactical Gloves Military Rubber Hard Knuckle Outdoor Gloves for Men Fit for Cycling Motorcycle Hiking Camping Powersports Airsoft Paintball

freetoo tactical gloves military rubber hard knuckle outdoor gloves for men fit

  1. FIT SNUGGLY into palm and all fingers, wrap tightly around wrist with adjustable wrist Velcro, not stiff, not bulky, allow movement and dexterity.
  2. BREATHABLE COMFORT achieved by odor-free breathable materials and functional vent design, comfortable to use in hot weather as well as in mild winter seasons.
  3. EXCELLENT GRIP with dual-layer synthetic leather palm featured by anti-skid gridding.
  4. RUGGED BUILD with reinforced palm, knuckle padding and double stitching, intended for heavy use as tactical gloves, work gloves, motorcycle gloves, camping, hunting, shooting and other outdoor gloves.
  5. The original seller of such tactical gloves and the No.1 best seller with great customer reviews for more than two years.
  6. The gloves are backed by a team committed to providing excellent products and service.
  7. You will not find a better pair for the price, hell, I’ve paid double for name brands like Hatch & Blackhawk and these are by far superior.
  8. First, the fit feels like it was custom made for my hands and the finger tips are not loose or reinforced so you can actually feel the trigger on your firearm.
  9. Second, the quality is above and beyond any of the other brands mentioned above, no chevrons or random strings anywhere and the stitching is excellent.
  10. Third, the extra features like the breathable vents are nice, reducing hand sweats.
  11. And the wrist strap is great, giving extra support to your wrists which I would assume reduces injuries.
  12. Lastly, the hard knuckle protection doesn’t move around like other brands.
  13. I forgot to mention that the gloves arrived in zip up reseal able pouch which was a nice extra, not like the other brands with the single button snap pouch.
  14. You really won’t find a better quality glove for the same price.
  15. I would definitely recommend it and will be purchasing more asap!<
  16. With that said they do run a little on the small side, however I found that to be a pleasant surprise as prefer them to have a tighter fit, but that comes down to your personal preference.
  17. If you have larger hands I would recommend to order a size up from what you would normally.
  18. About two months after ordering the tan color I loveed the quality so much I wanted to order a second black pair.
  19. While the majority of the product was the same, the difference was with the knuckles of the gloves.
  20. Either way these gloves are a fantastic product and I highly recommend the purchase, but please be advised that the knuckle material may vary by color ordered.
  21. It may be hard to tell on your screen, but I included pictures of both color types and you can see the difference between them.
  22. I’m a contractor working in Kuwait as an aviation mechanic.
  23. I needed a glove that’d give me a comfortable grip on tools and shard or hard edges, flexibility to move hardware, keep my hands purrdy, and not make my hands sweat outrageously.
  24. My knuckles are well protected for when a nut finally breaks torque and I end up punching the air frame, my hands get ventilation and aren’t pruney after hours of wearing them, my hands remain clean even after handling dripping hydraulic hoses, I’m able to maneuver hardware around well enough ( don’t expect the finesse of finger tips from gloves ), and to top it off they look great.
  25. Additionally its a little tight squeezing your hand past the wrist of the glove but once your in, i believe the expression is “fits like a glove”.
  26. Yet to see how long they last, but will updated with that when I need new gloves, be it good or bad.
  27. Oh, should say they’re not waterproof (duh?), easy to clean in a sink, dry quickly, don’t hold odors after washing which I do monthly (maybe).
  28. Anyway, took them along on a little hike up a volcano and I’m glad I did.
  29. There was a little bit of rock scrambling involved and was very happy I was able to avoid nicking and banging up my fingers and knuckles.
  30. Solidified lava rocks can be very abrasive and unforgiving.
  31. They held up really well and I cannot see any obvious wear resulting from this excursion.
  32. Even though it was an 85 degree day in direct sunlight they did not at any time make my hands feel hot.
  33. Another little feature that just adds to the overall quality is what appear to be leather loops on the bottom side of the wrists.
  34. They allow you to quickly attach/un-attach them to your pack so you have someplace to keep them close at hand, and your less likely to lose one or both.
  35. From what I can tell so far these appear to be well worth the amount that they charge.
  36. I was initially worried about how big the knuckle reinforcement area was – I didn’t want it to be so big it looked weird or restricted my movement in any way.
  37. Upon receiving the gloves I was pleasantly surprised as the area seems extremely tough but not bulky or strange looking.
  38. They seem of very high quality and they don’t interfere at all with dexterity of my fingers.
  39. I got them for hiking but I can see how they would work well for a myriad of other uses.
  40. My only complaint is that the XL size is pretty tight on me, but I don’t think I have overly large hands.
  41. I was initially thinking of exchanging them for a larger size but the seller doesn’t have any bigger sizes in fingerless – but i feel that they will stretch a bit with some use.
  42. If I decide to get another pair, I’ll get the full fingered in XXL.
  43. Got into a fight and ended up knocking someone for a loop with these on!<
  44. Great gloves for working in a shop or paintballing on your spare time.

Buy FREETOO Tactical Gloves Military Rubber Hard Knuckle Outdoor Gloves for Men Fit for Cycling Motorcycle Hiking Camping Powersports Airsoft Paintball here $14.84 – $22.68

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