pack camelbak classic oz


Total volume-3L

Balear’s volume-2.5 L

Backpack weight-170 G (without balshy)

Materials used-Polyester plain weave

Brand: Camelbak

CamelBak Classic Hydration Pack, 85oz

camelbak classic hydration pack oz

  1. I loved the difference of having the ability to drink as much water as I wanted without having to reach for s water bottle.
  2. It still doesn’t thread very well, which is annoying because you think it is closed, and go to work out, and slosh water around.
  3. Well, I guess Camelbak’s really are worth the price premium.
  4. The 75-degree bend in the bite valve alone is worth the price for me.
  5. Makes it so much easier to get the tube into my mouth and actually drink quickly and easily while bouncing all over some downhill MTB trail.
  6. Pack has plenty of storage for small items, and it’s comfortable to wear, and easy to fill while still in the pack (thanks to exposed cap and a handle hidden beneath the outer flap.
  7. Not super waterproof in a downpour, but that’s to be expected.
  8. Filled with ice then water, and stayed cool entire ride.
  9. Didn’t even have to freeze a 1/3rd the night before like many recommend.
  10. When screwed tightly shut water still managed to leak out.
  11. Seems cheaply made but the, cost was low so, I, guess it makes sense.
  13. We used these while skiing, and they didn’t leak at all.
  14. The pocket is small, but it still fit a pb&j sandwich and a granola bar.
  15. Used this for ACL a few months back and it helped A TON!<

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CamelBak Cloud Walker 18 Hydration Pack, 85oz

camelbak cloud walker hydration pack oz

  1. When you’re staying close to home, just remove the reservoir for extra storage capacity.
  2. The large inner compartments are also ideal for clothes, snacks and essentials, and the redesigned Crux reservoir is easy to fill and delivers 20% more water with every sip.
  3. Plus, the air mesh backpanel offers a close, comfortable fit with plenty of ventilation.
  4. Just finally been able to put it use and must say that this product is wonderful.
  5. It was only a 5 hour hike with couple detours and what not.
  6. I was able to fit in my snacks (4 cliff bars, beef jerky, banana, dried mango, Gatorade).
  7. Guess you can say that’s quite a bit for a few hour hike.
  8. All these including wallet and keys – the bag still had plenty of room.
  9. Only thing is I wish the bag came with a mouth piece protector because it will touch the ground when taking off the back pack.
  10. It’s very durable considering the area we were in contained full of thorns.
  11. Holds enough to get you through your day (snacks, clothing, accessories) and keeps your water cool in its dedicated insulated section.
  12. The size is very nice too, not too big and very stable on the shoulders when moving around.
  13. This bag is the perfect size for short day hiking and hunting.
  14. The color is low profile and doesn’t stand out while hunting.
  15. The bladder is the perfect size for a full day outdoors.
  16. The only downside to this particular bag is the lack of organizational pockets.
  17. It is just two large open pockets which is fine, but I prefer to have my bag organized.
  18. I’m not an experienced hiker but found this pack to be terrific for a day hike.
  19. It’s lightweight, the bladder had more than enough capacity and plenty of storage space for my other items such as small first aid kit, snacks and rain jacket.
  20. I don’t know if that’s how they are or if that’s just how mine came but it was odd.
  21. No waist strap, so when you bend way over it slips up a bit.
  22. I didn’t want the waist strap for biking and didn’t want to buy multiple packs.
  23. He absolutely loves it and takes it with him on bike rides, runs, hikes, to the park for punting practice, etc.
  24. So far we have not had any issues with leakage and the bag inside seems to be super sturdy.
  25. Back is very hard because of the bladder, may be uncomfortable.
  26. I plan to take this to hawaii for a trip and using it all the time!<

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