pack camelbak octane dart oz


Beech volume-1.5 liters ANTIDOTE

Loading capacity-3 liters

Height-27 cm

Weight-230 g

Material-70D diamond clarus

Mouthpiece-Big Bite Valve

Zaworek-Ergo Hydrolock


Brand: Camelbak

CamelBak Octane Dart Hydration Pack, 50oz

camelbak octane dart hydration pack oz

  1. Just close the valve, and you can toss your pack anywhere without worrying about drips or leaks.
  2. When a handheld just isn’t enough, but an ultrarunning vest feels like overkill, the Dart is your streamlined companion.
  3. The Dart has been a favorite among runners for years, thanks to its simple and intuitive features: a zippered essentials pocket in the back, and a stretchy pocket on the harness for gels or bars.
  4. Held up great, it didn’t bother me or rub at all when running.
  5. You will definitely want to buy that before using it for an OCR.
  6. It’s small and you don’t really notice it on your back.
  7. And about half the price of any other hydration pack I looked at buying.
  8. Sternum strap holds pack snuggly in place so it doesn’t bounce around – can’t even feel the strap.
  9. Like the mesh shoulder straps – cooler than other types of straps.
  10. The two storage pockets are nice – wish they were a little larger but not at the expense of the overall size of the pack.
  11. This is light and sleek, and has enough room for a phone a few gels.
  12. You can tighten the straps to prevent jostling as you drain the bladder, but I was already near the tightest setting when the bladder was full and I have a common body type for a female runner (5’8″ 120lbs).
  13. I think for petite women weighing less than this, the pak will not be snug against your body.
  14. You do feel the warmth and hear the sloshing, but I guess that’s unavoidable.
  15. If you don’t rinse out the bladder right away, the water will taste like plastic the next time.
  16. For comparison – the Octane is much sleeker than the cumbersome Marathoner’s Vest yet still has good storage; it’s as sleek as the Charm, but w much better storage.
  17. My 3L day pack was just too big for my afterwork runs and minitreks.
  18. This lets me keep all my essentials at bay while running down the trail.
  19. Bladder is a tad of a pain to put in and out, but otherwise I am in love.
  20. This Camelbak dart is perfect for my needs as I did not want a handheld bottle.
  21. You have to take the whole bladder out for refill, but after a while you will get used to it.

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CamelBak 2016 Dart Hydration Pack

camelbak dart hydration pack

  1. When a handheld just isn’t enough, but an ultra running vest feels like overkill, the Dart is your streamlined companion.
  2. A favorite among runners, this lightweight and compact pack is redesigned with an improved harness and more compression for a snug, breathable fit on roads or trails.
  3. We’ve added a stretch mesh pocket on the harness for stashing gels, so you can hydrate and refuel without slowing down.
  4. Front and back reflectivity keeps you visible on morning and evening runs.
  5. I am 110 lbs and 5’1″ so i wanted something light and small.
  6. I considered the Nathan Moxy since it was made for women but it was a little bit expensive.
  7. I put the bladder in the freezer to get a clump of ice and added the water the next day.
  8. It did feel a little hot on my back but I ran in 70 degree weather so it was warm period.
  9. The little pocket in the front was perfect for my sunglasses.
  10. I had some money, a Samsung Note 4 , and a granola bar.
  11. I highly recommend it if you are considering a backpack.
  12. I have an armband and the Running Buddy plus but they are not good for a big phone.
  13. Also, hiding a water bottle in the bushes for hydration isn’t always the best option.
  14. What impresses me the most is that it rides nice and high on my back and stays tight with no sloshing up and down or side to side while I run.
  15. In fact, it is virtually unnoticeable, even two hours into the run.
  16. And when I get back I still have two thirds of the water left so in my opinion it holds plenty of fluid for the long distance athlete.
  17. For anything other than running, you may want something that offers more storage.
  18. But this one has plenty of room for a phone, wallet and keys.
  19. We bought them for the longer runs and the hotter days.
  20. Very comfortable fit for the longer runs (by longer runs, I mean our 7-13 mile runs).
  21. We had a few ice cubes to ours to keep it a bit cooler on hot days.
  22. It is so nice not to have to carry a water bottle, and we didn’t have to worry about running out of water.
  23. It also holds our gel packets in the front strap pocket for easy access.
  24. There is plenty of space in the pockets on the backside for other items.
  25. Note: I don’t know if we needed to wash it with vinegar and water as others recommended; but we did, and there was no plastic/rubber taste.
  26. I have one that I use for runs over 10K, sipping water every mile.
  27. This one was for my wife, who uses it for the same things.
  28. Great pack, sits light on the back and you hardly feel it there, plus it has a handy front pocket on the left strap that is perfect for a gel or sports beans (could fit two easily, but not much more).
  29. I don’t use the pack storage other than to stuff my keys right inside the zipper, but there is enough room to stuff a hat of gloves in there if needed.
  30. I can easily fit the essentials such as my wallet and keys in there with no problem.
  31. I could probably put a sandwich in there too if it isn’t too large, but I’d be afraid it would get squashed.
  32. My only complaint is that you have to pull the reservoir out most of the way to be able to fill it with water.
  33. The outer bags are good quality – functional without trying to be flashy.
  34. He would have stuck with the Mule, but wanted something smaller and lighter when he didn’t need to carry 3L of water.
  35. I like the pockets for stashing running snacks, and I like the way the weight is distributed.
  36. You barely notice it is on, and it doesn’t move around once properly adjusted, although as the water level declines, you may have to tug the straps a tad tighter mid way through the run.
  37. You have to like pull the reservoir halfway out to fill.
  38. Lightweight, holds a decent amount of water, and fits snugly.
  39. Great little pockets for phone, snacks, keys, whatever.
  40. I used this for a music 3 day music festival in vegas and it held up.
  41. This works great, sits high on the back and isn’t heavy.

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