pack deuterium act trail sl black

pack deuterium act trail sl black 1
Deuter ACT Trail 22 SL is a backpack that was created especially for women.

The model has one chamber with access from the chimney side and a wide spread from the front.

A large number of pockets allows you to properly arrange your luggage.

The applied Aircontact Trail System consists of two pillars of filled Aircontact foam with transverse seals that allow air circulation. In addition, it is tightened by the flexible Derlin pretension, allowing you to carry larger loads without distorting the shape of the backpack. On ACT Trail series models, an anatomical lap belt, which can be hidden under the cushion system if necessary. The most important features:

– Rain cover;

– Two pockets in the flap fastened with a zipper-external and internal;

– Side pocket with zipper;

– Internal pocket for wet clothing;

– Pocket for documents, telephone;

– Entrance from the top and front of the backpack;

– Pole holder;

– The ice ax holder;

– Anatomic seat belts with additional stitching straps;

– Chest strap;

– Waist belt with zip pocket;

– Side stripescompression;

– Compatible with the H2O system-the possibility of beech fitting with a separate partition (max 3L)

– SOS instruction;

Brand: Deuter


Deuter ACT Trail 22 SL Hiking Backpack

deuter act trail hiking backpack 1

  1. D Military-Survival-Outdoor Waterproof Pack with Pockets.
  2. Engineered for versatility, the ACT Trail pack makes the transition from trail to town a breeze.
  3. The ACT Trail 22 SL is ideal for hiking, mountain climbing, ski touring, and urban outings.
  4. Designed for a woman’s body, Deuter’s SL packs are also a great choice for shorter men in need of high-performance gear that fits.
  5. If it could speak, it would say, “hey girl, let me carry those trekking poles for you.” If the pack could sing, it would sound like Michael Bublé.
  6. Thanks, Deuter, for making a great, women’s specific pack.
  7. I use it for day hikes, and snowshoeing (if I don’t have to attach my snow shoes to the pack).
  8. My only negative comment is that I wish the side pocket was a little deeper.
  9. I have to use a carabiner to hold my water bottle in place, as every time I bend over it pops out.
  10. If I’m on a longer hike, I use a water bladder, and there is a pocket for it.
  11. It fits very comfortably and has plenty of pocket storage to organize and keep smaller items contained.
  12. Very comfortable and I love the ability to open the backpack with the u-zip to reach items packed in the bottom.
  13. After researching and reading the reviews of many women, I picked this pack – my wife loves it!
  14. Plenty of room for her 2L Platypus water container, rain gear, camera, and jacket.
  15. We’ve done a lot of hiking this summer and fall and this pack has been the best thing for my wife to have on the trail.
  16. I carry the kid and she carries the pack full of gear for her and the kid.
  17. Just the right size and has all the features needed to stay comfortable on the trail.
  18. My wife loves all the pockets on the pack and how easy they are to access.
  19. Our favorite feature of the pack is the U Shaped double pull zipper that allows you to access the inside and bottom of the pack without having to unbuckle to top lid.
  20. So a jacket stuffed at the bottom can easily be accessed without having to pull everything out through the top.
  21. I’ll let me video review do the majority of the talking here, but I would absolutely recommend this pack for hiking and making it possible to take all the necessary gear and food for the trail.

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