pack deuterium bike one sl midnight turquoise

pack deuterium bike one sl midnight turquoise 1
The Bike One 18 SL Petrol-Mint backpack was designed especially for women, the perfect choice both for walking and cycling.

Adapted to the female anatomy with a shorter nasal system and straps, set closer to each other.

The applied Airstripes nose system allows for effective air circulation.

– helmet holder

– rain cover

– side mesh pockets

– two front pockets zippered

– internal pocket for documents

– inner pocket for wet clothing

– lap belt

– chest belt

– H2O system

– reflective element

– side compression strap


Material-Ripstop 210, 250D pocket rip


Number of stitches-5

Number of compartments-1

Material stelase-foam

Weight-901 grams

Brand: Deuter


Deuter Giga Bike Backpack

deuter giga bike backpack

  1. This bag is the only one I’ve found that properly accommodates the tools I need for all four of my lives.
  2. This is a very unique backpack because Deuter has truly merged the typical oversized schoolkid backpack with proper hiking/cyclist support straps and quality material.
  3. I can fit my fitness clothes and hygiene products in the largest compartment which is featured as the laptop compartment.
  4. The middle compartment holds my tablets (yes plural), keyboard, and any papers or even a book if necessary.
  5. The third compartment has smaller compartments within that holds all of my small electronics, pens, wires, and other nonsense.
  6. The outside pocket with the logo holds my batteries and chargers.
  7. Oh yeah, there are two side pockets for water bottles or thermos.
  8. Even when I overload this bag, the straps are so well designed that I can snugly tighten it to my back.
  9. The heavy duty back cushions balance the weight so well that I can still cycle in a forward position without discomfort.
  10. I can fit way too much stuff into this bag, yet, it collapses well if I decide to carry only a few things.
  11. Be aware that there are other editions of this bag with some sweet colors and designs but they were a bit too pricey for me.
  12. I use it for air travel and as a supplement to my small roll away when I travel.
  13. I love the mesh hip straps that stay out of the way most of the time, but are there when needed.
  14. However the back system along with the helmet holder and the.

Buy Deuter Giga Bike Backpack here $241.23

Deuter Rain Cover I Waterproof Rain Cover for Backpacks 20L – 35L

deuter rain cover waterproof rain cover for backpacks l

  1. BEST Rucksack Cover For Low Light & Night Time Visibility.
  2. BTR Backpack Cover is the Only 100% Waterproof Cover Needed.
  3. It provides excellent rain protection thanks to its polyurethane coating and taped seams.
  4. The luminous colors are for additional safety on roads or trails, or in an emergency.
  5. I thought it would be an elastic edge so it’d be harder to fit on the bag but it not!<
  6. Mine was a draw string, which I’m absolutely thrilled about!
  7. Makes it way better to adjust and probably better to bike with.
  8. I would think if they make a cover for the original pack they would offer a replacement that fits.

Buy Deuter Rain Cover I Waterproof Rain Cover for Backpacks 20L – 35L here $24.95

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