pack deuterium schmusebar pink
Professional backpack for a small travel. Constructed so that every child from the age of 3 years can use it on their own.

The backpack has buckles for buckles specially designed for children.

The back has been contoured and filled with a soft, breathable foam that also protects the back of the child while wearing angular objects.

The main chamber is tightened with a clip with a clip clip and fastened with two buckles outside. Backpacks, backpacks, profiled and made of non-chafing material. In the flap of the closing main compartment, there is a window to place the child’s data. Large front zippered pocket with belt ending clip for attaching keys.

On the sides, there are additional mesh pockets.

Brand: Deuter


Deuter Schmusebar Kid’s Backpack, Magenta

deuter schmusebar kid backpack magenta

  1. Plus, it comes with a super soft and snuggly teddy your little one will love.
  2. Wondering what took me so long to find perfect little backpacks for my boys to wear around all day long!
  3. We put this back through the paces in and out of cars, on long walks, and shoved under airplane seats.
  4. My four year old could operate the clasps and could get in and out of the back.
  5. She also really appreciated the design and especially the bear.
  6. It is extremely durable and functional (especially compared to most of the other preschool-sized backpacks we considered).
  7. My four year old can undo the clasps easily, fits her comfortably.
  8. He can now carry his own water, snacks and hiking toys.
  9. Fits diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, and his camelbak perfectly.
  10. It fits nicely on his back and hold everything he needed for his outdoor class!<
  11. It is very well made and just the right size for our little hiker!<
  12. A little smaller than I thought, but still a great bag and my child loves it.
  13. My 3yo and 18mo now can carry their own stuff like extra clothes, wipes, snacks and their cup!

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