backpack deuterium speed lite black titan
Model Speed ​​Lite 10 vases only 350g! and is designed for people up to 170 cm tall.

The backpack has a back filled breathable 3D Air Mesh foam, the structure of which allows you to circulate the air.

The construction of the backpack was created from the thought of people who actively spend their time, and its silhouette-rising to the bottom-does not limit the movement of the horse, eg during the run. Wide handles in zippers allow quick access to the chamber, and the light material that is padded inside the backpack-makes it easier to find luggage even in difficult lighting conditions. Belts were made of breathable 3D foam. Removable hip belt, in the Speed ​​Lite series is designed primarily to support the backpack and eliminate its shock on the back less to carry the burden on the hips-hence its lightweight design.

Brand: Deuter


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