set to badminton Talbot torro fighter
Badminton set TALBOT-TORRO Family set 449536 Set for 4 people-2 adults, 2 children German company Talbot-Torro is a world-renowned producer of badminton equipment.

This company specializes in the production of badminton equipment, its rockets are played by many players of the world’s elite.

The brand is very well known in Western Europe, in England it is an official partner of the badminton union.


The set includes:

– two racket Talbot Torro Attacker Junior (length 58cm, weight 110g)

– two racket Talbot Torro Attacker (weight of the racket-115g not loaded, 120g pulled)

– three synthetic ailerons with a cork front in a case-a full-sized polyester net

– 2 folded telescopic poles (height 1.60m or less-adjustable)

– set of hooks and cables for stable mounting of posts and netting

– solid bag-a thermobag housing all of these elements

Brand: TALBOT Torro

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