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Do you remember playing badminton in your childhood?

It’s great entertainment not only for small children! It does not matter if you play professionally or you are just an amateur, you can spend an active and pleasant afternoon with friends! Racket, dart. but the net is missing the right net to play the match?

And when the net and poles needed to spread it, there is a dart and a thread of fun somewhere. – you probably know this scenario. Do not let anything break your plans again! Decide for the entire R303 Redox badminton set, which includes everything you need to play! The set is packed in a practical bag. It allows you to take all the things you need with you, without worrying about something you forget! You’ll also take care of it so that nothing is lost or destroyed during transport, all you need to do is throw everything with your luggage into the car. Zippered bag is also a good way to store the set in the winter.

To play a professional match, you need a well-fixed net. The two poles included in the set have a height of 150 cm, diameters of 1.6 cm and have special holes for mounting the net. No more homemade grid and fixing it in a weird way! He sits on poles very well, and fixing and removing it after a finite game is very easy and takes little time.

Are you going on holiday?

A holiday at the lake, or even a few days off on your own plot?

Active rest will allow you to relax and move around after hours spent behind the desk at the computer. You do not need advanced skills or impressive fitness to play badminton. Play in your free time with friends, play with your children encouraging them to play sports and healthy lifestyle! Bring R 303 Redox badminton set, fix the net, and start the game!


– 2 racket

– 1 lotka

– 2 posts 150 cm high and 1.6 cm diameter

– Grid

– Anchor feed

– Packaging: bag with zipper

Brand: Redox


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