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Ball for volleyball Wilson AVP REPLICA 4679 is a replica of balls used by the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP)

The ball has a composite, 18-panel cover, which resulted in both softness and durability.

The ball can easily endure normal use. Butyl detector prevents air losses and offers excellent reflection on the beach and in the room.

Attractive design raises the visual qualities of the ball as well as its visibility in all conditions.

– New replica of official balls used by AVP

– Composite cover

– 18-panel, machine-sewn construction

– Butyl detka

Brand: Wilson


Wilson Official AVP II Outdoor Volleyball

wilson official avp outdoor volleyball

  1. It’s the sweat and the hard work you give every day that makes you a champion.
  2. At Wilson, we put in that same level of work to develop innovations for players everywhere.
  3. That’s why 3X gold medalist Kerri Walsh-Jennings trusts Wilson to deliver the championship performance.
  4. We’re always focused on working with the best teams and athletes to continually develop the top indoor and outdoor volleyball products.
  5. Because at Wilson, being a champion isn’t just a title, it’s our life.
  6. The AVP volleyball offers premium graphics for better spin detection, as well as a microfiber composite leather cover that provides superior touch and feel.
  7. If you want to own the beach play with the brand the Pros play.
  8. I ordered two from the same seller and got one made in China and one made in Vietnam, twice.
  9. I just received a Vietnam ball today, and it’s horrible.
  10. The yellow panels (only) are legit slippery, and it looks like any words on the ball are just slippery decals.
  11. To figure out what model you’ve got – it’s above the barcode and below the PATENTS url.
  12. If the three-letter code is CJX, do yourself a favor and send it back.
  13. The balls also say on them “Made in China/Vietnam”, so it should be pretty clear.
  14. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell what you’re getting before you place the order and wait for it to arrive.
  15. Mine is going back immediately, and I’m buying a China ball elsewhere.
  16. It was a little over-inflated when received but a quick poke with the needle and it was ready for play.
  17. Others also loved it and were pleasantly surprised at how well it played on day one.
  18. I have a really hot serve and hand-set whenever possible and this ball was a perfect fit.
  19. Many serious VB players have multiple balls in their arsenal and this should be one of them and maybe, your favorite.
  20. The previous balls, the Made in China and the Vietnam, that doesn’t have the black gradients are way better than this ball.
  21. The older ones feel quality, like real grippy and even the printed color parts are not platicy feeling.
  22. I’d be curious to know what if any the “upgrades” where except maybe cheaper manufacturing and more profit for them.
  23. BUT, because they are the official ball of AVP, we all must adapt.
  24. I have one that only lasted a few weeks before loosing its shape and now is just laying around in the garage.
  25. They arrived a couple of days ago and to my surprise they are from China yay!!!
  26. I guess Wilson finally decided to pull the plug on Vietnam made balls.
  27. As was new I decided to give a chance and see if by using it a couple of times become like any other original Wilson AVP but it didnt.
  28. What is even worst is that after using this ball ten times know the ball is flat, not sure where is the leak, but lost all the air 24 hours after inflating it.
  29. The ball has a great feel and has held up well to the heat of Arizona.
  30. I prefer this ball over the King of the Beach which I’ve used in the past.
  31. It sucks because none of my friends (who have the Chinese version) wants to play with it.
  32. To anyone who reads this, please make sure you get the Chinese version or chose a different seller.
  33. Much easier to have clean hand sets with these, verses the KOB Volleyball’s.

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Wilson Official AVP Outdoor Volleyball

wilson official avp outdoor volleyball 1

  1. Structural layer provides extended durability and round shape retention.
  2. Hand sewn construction is stitched by hand for expert craftsmanship.
  3. It takes revolutionary technology and ground-breaking performance.
  4. This volleyball features a hand sewn, durable microfiber construction that’s a benchmark of outdoor players around the world.
  5. That’s why Kerri Walsh-Jennings chooses Wilson volleyballs to dominate every game.
  6. Looking to play with the best volleyball on the beach or grass that the pros play with?
  7. The Wilson AVP Game Ball has set the standard to which all others aspire to achieve on the sand.
  8. Utilizing hand-sewn construction technologies, the AVP Game Ball is constructed with the finest materials and exquisite craftsmanship to provide the highest level of superior beach performance.
  9. At Wilson we put in that same level of work to develop innovations for players everywhere.
  10. That’s why 3-time gold medalist Kerri Walsh-Jennings trusts Wilson to deliver the championship performance.
  11. We’re always focused on working with the best teams and athletes to continually develop the top indoor and outdoor volleyball products.
  12. At Wilson, being a champion isn’t just a title, it’s our life.
  13. It features a premium microfiber composite leather cover that resists dirt and moisture and a butyl rubber bladder for superior rebound and air retention.
  14. Other features include a hand-sewn 18-panel construction, yellow logo and panels for improved visibility and an official size and weight.
  15. About Wilson

    At the heart of sports history for almost a century, Wilson has been influential and intimately involved in shaping the games of tennis, golf, baseball, and American football.

  16. As the originator of breakthrough technologies, Wilson has produced legendary classics and earned world-wide legitimacy in each sport it participates in.
  17. The world’s leading manufacturer of ball sports equipment, Wilson’s core sports include tennis, baseball, American football, golf, basketball, softball, badminton, and squash.
  18. A division of Helsinki-based Amer Sports, Wilson is headquartered in Chicago.
  19. It has a nice feel to it when hitting not too hard and not too soft.
  20. It appears similar to the Wilson soft play which is a much cheaper ball and lower quality cover which doesn’t last long, but did have very good stitching that lasted.
  21. So I am expecting this ball to be very durable and last a long time.
  22. With our limited use thus far as it was just purchased I can’t comment on longevity.
  23. Based on how it feels and plays I would recommend this ball.
  24. Its is definitely worth the extra dollars for what you get.
  25. If you take a little air out when you are not using them they last a long time.
  26. The Vietnam ball is smaller than the made in China one, and the Vietnam ball also has a glossy type yellow paint that is more plasticky feeling than the yellow paint/ink on the made in China ball.
  27. I’ve ordered from the same link twice and got two different balls.
  28. What do the people in your area use, because that is what you will get used to.
  29. I play sand volleyball 3 – 5 times per week, averaging about 15 hours per week.
  30. This Wilson ball is my favorite for many reasons
    – Vibrant and easy to see, whether outdoors in the daylight, outdoors on lighted courts at night, or playing on indoor sand courts.
  31. This is my favorite sand volleyball to pass and set, BY FAR.
  32. Ball seems to always be available for a good price, prime eligible.
  33. Pumped it up once and it has not lost any air in over a month.
  34. I read similar reviews from other people and I now see where they are coming from.
  35. I bought the ball along with the Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic: Portable Professional Outdoor Volleyball Net System.
  36. If anything you’ll get your money’s worth out of it in longevity if you take care of it.
  37. This ball flies great, doesn’t wobble at all and has a great feel to it.
  38. We love the feel to it and find the touch and play way superior to the King of the Beach or any other ball.
  39. I store it in my bedroom so it’s not been left outside in heat or cold.
  40. I play a lot of competitive and recreational volleyball depending on the day and who I’m playing with.
  41. So many people buy cheap volleyballs that are rock hard or foamy feeling.
  42. After the coating wears off the leather feels amazing compared to the replica version of this ball.
  43. The only downside has been the constant need to fill up with air.
  44. My friends that have a competitor product (Spalding – King of the Beach) say they don’t have problems with air leaking out so I might try purchasing one of those next.
  45. I’m old and don’t play as often as I’d like to and don’t get to play with good players as often as I wish.
  46. I used to spend more on good volleyballs but this one is very good and not that expensive.
  47. If playing every day with sweaty players, expect it to wear out fast.

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