ball grip ball cm

ball grip ball cm 1
One of the basic training postulates. Be as strong as your weakest link.

Here is the best instrument to reach the enormous power of the fingers and muscles of the forearms. Includes 2 balls in a set with long thick stitched ribbons in size 2 or 10 cm. Made of high quality very hard beech wood (huge advantage over soft wood, np.sosna).
Which ensures maximum durability and strength.

Our balls are sandwich constructions, glued with 4 different blocks of beech wood.

Then turned.┬áIt’s a huge advantage and difference in the amount of balls made from one piece of wood, which will blow up with the passage of time.

The anchors are screwed and additionally glued which ensures durability for years !! Description: -max load 140

– diameter fi 10 cm

– made of the highest quality beech wood, glued from 4 layers

-woven with a perfect round structure

– additionally brushed to increase the coefficient of friction
Why properly selected wood species: We strongly discourage steel balls as unfit for this type of training.The best rock climbers and athletes use only wooden balls.

Suddenly slipping on a steel ball, it can cause injuries.

Only wood provides the right friction coefficient.
– Only wood gives the right feel and grip for safe and most effective training-wood does not absorb cold-it’s an ecological and antiallergic product-wood is soaking up sweat, thanks to which you can be sure the ball will not slip out accidentally from the palm of your hand-only the wood provides the unmatched appropriate friction coefficient.

Application: -training the muscles of the forearms and fingers

-for raising and deadlift

For advanced users, keeping this ball in the scarp means very high fingers.

The balls are tested and tested.

Brand: CrossFit

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