A basket for 8 Select brand bottles is a great choice for sports teams as well as active families. Is it a trip with a group of friends or organized sparring-all bottles with isotonics will be safe and always within the reach of the hand. No more searching, no more stuffing bottles in backpacks. Water in one place, at hand, stable and in the right amount-only thanks to the Select basket!



Number of bottles per bottle-8

Brand: Select


RoofBag 100% Waterproof Carrier – Made in USA – Works on ALL Vehicles: For Cars With Side Rails, Cross Bars or No Rack -Cross Country Soft Car Top Cargo Carrier

roofbag waterproof carrier made usa works all vehicles for cars with side rails

  1. Includes heavy duty straps (3,000 lbs strong, no extra straps needed) – Waterproof with ANTI-WICKING technology to protect No RACK vehicles from water entry into vehicle.
  2. Size 11works on ALL vehicles- same space as 4 medium suitcases
    Size 15works on full size sedans, SUVs, or vans- same space as 5 medium suitcases

    Which straps should I choose?<

  3. Choose Rack if you have side rails, cross bars, or basket

    Choose No Rackif you have a bare roof (no rack) or flush rails

    How is it installed?<

  4. Will secure carrier to any car, at any highway speed (no extra straps needed).
  5. Heavy-duty polyester canvas, coated on both sides with a strong vinyl layer, electrically sealed joints, waterproof fabric, and no exposed stitching allow it to withstand severe weather conditions and rough handling.
  6. Choose Rack Straps if you have a Roof Rack, Side Rails, or Cross Bars.
  7. Choose No Rack Straps if you do not have a Roof Rack, Side Rails, or Cross Bars.
  8. Choose Rack Straps if you have a Roof Rack, Side Rails, or Cross Bars.
  9. Sections are joined by 2 heavy-duty side-release buckles.
  10. Each No Rack Strap has a shorter Top Strap and a longer Inside Strap.
  11. Please visit our website for installation, diagrams, and further information.
  12. If you need assistance or have general questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
  13. It came with instructions on how to secure it in different fashions.
  14. I wasn’t going to doubt that it’d hold all (and more) or keep my stuff dry, but we came into contact with no rain on the 6 hour trip.
  15. The ride down was hampered tremendously by the bag, but we’d no inclination to stop and try to fix it.
  16. Basically couldn’t drive over 60-65 without a LOT of noise and resistance.
  17. The trip back saw me pushing it past 75 for short intervals, but 70mph was perfectly fine with a little noise since we had nothing that was heavy enough to fill the whole front portion.
  18. I was speculating that buying Roofbag’s luggage bag things would solve that issue or creating a custom piece of something hard to meet the wind.
  19. In the end I was happy and good gracious it holds so much stuff!
  20. The bugs that collect on front of the bag is pretty gross though, haha!<
  21. We used it on a 2016 Ford Explorer and because the roof rack does not have anything to attach the bag to, it was secured through the doors.
  22. This results in a slight increase in road noise but nothing too distracting for our 300 mil each way road trip.
  23. It did not rain so I can not comment on the waterproof ability.
  24. Because the bag is pret be, make sure you do fill it as directed in the instructions.
  25. I placed the heavier stuff in the rear section of the bag.
  26. We cruised at 74 mph during the trip and did increase to higher speeds briefly to pass a truck or other vehicle and experienced no shifting or bag movement.
  27. I must say that I was a bit doubtful of the whole set u, especially with having to attach through the doors, but I am very impressed.
  28. Because there can be a fair amount of desbris on the front of the bag after the trip, bugs and stuff, I recommend cleaning it while the bag is full and attached to the car before removing the contents and taking the bag off.
  29. It was surprisingly quiet and easy to install securely.
  30. It was easy to clean and the zipper hooks were large enough to install a security lock.
  31. I was also surprised that the degradation in fuel efficiency was too small for me to notice, even across such long distances.
  32. I have not used any other roof carriers before, but as an owner of a car without a roof rack, this was a less expensive alternative to purchasing and installing a roof rack and hard carrier.
  33. We have a small car so it worked great to carry our stuff.
  34. Use it to travel across country with no problems whatsoever!<
  35. Will be used several times a year for vacations all over the country with my van that does not have a roof rack.
  36. We went from Wisconsin to Florida in rain for a couple of states, and everything stayed dry.
  37. Love the bag but I did have to readjust it a few times during the trip.

Buy RoofBag 100% Waterproof Carrier – Made in USA – Works on ALL Vehicles: For Cars With Side Rails, Cross Bars or No Rack -Cross Country Soft Car Top Cargo Carrier here $75.00

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1″; 16 GB Wifi Tablet (White) SM-T580NZWAXAR

samsung galaxy tab wifi tablet white nzwaxar

  1. The long-lasting battery and powerful Octa-core processor let you browse online or stream your favorite shows.
  2. The tablet’s octa-core processor ensures efficient, responsive performance and allows you to effortlessly toggle between multiple programs without any lag.
  3. This means more space for your photos, books, songs, and movies.
  4. With just the touch of a button, you’ll be able to send videos from your tablet to your TV, so everyone can see them.
  5. Or, you can start a show on your TV and continue watching it on your tablet when you move away from your TV.
  6. With Samsung Smart Switch, you have the freedom to move your contacts, music, and other media to your new Samsung Galaxy device (5).
  7. Samsung Kids offers easy-to-use parental controls that allow you to set limits on tablet time, choose app categories, and monitor your kids’ progress.
  8. The Galaxy Tab A includes a free month trial (6) of Samsung Kids and a starter pack of over 20 popular kids’ apps.
  9. Browse pictures while shopping online or chat with friends while watching your favorite shows.
  10. You can also quickly switch between shooting photos and videos.
  11. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application-usage patterns.
  12. Please visit the official website for a list of compatible systems, platforms, devices, and terms of use.
  13. Certain content (such as DRM-protected content) may not be compatible.
  14. Consult any applicable terms and conditions with your content providers to ensure that you have rights to transfer content off of your previous device.
  15. App matching and recommendation system not available on all devices.
  16. The first month is free and comes with a starter pack of content.
  17. Troubleshoot: For software related issues can be resolved by performing a factory reset on the product which will reload the software back to new in box condition by turning off the device and while pressing and holding the volume up key and the home key, pressing the power key.
  18. All personal information should be backed up prior to this step as it will delete all customer and local content.
  19. While unfortunate, all electronics regardless of manufacturer have a small possibility of having problems.
  20. I was happily sailing along without any problems and didn’t understand the negative reviews …
  21. It happened two or three times before I figured it out.
  22. I was holding the device along the right edge (where the power and volume buttons are).
  23. Holding it with one hand right along the right edge can cause the front case to squeeze together with the back case along the side where the buttons are located.
  24. Apparently this can activate the power button mechanism and shut the device off.
  25. Do not hold the device in such a way that you accidentally apply pressure along the right edge!<
  26. Nor would it display the charging screen (the big battery that fills up with green to indicate battery level while it is charging).
  27. So I held down the power button and the volume button simultaneously for about 20 to 30 seconds.
  28. Another reviewer implies that it should be the “volume down” button.
  29. Then pressing the power button caused the device to start up.
  30. Not my needs, so I sometimes have to kill processes that Android automatically loads upon startup.
  31. If you need more, you can add an additional memory card.
  32. It’s perfect for reading e-books, internet browsing and all types and games.
  33. However, I’ve seen many conflicting and confusing comments regarding the GPS navigation capabilities.
  34. It worked great but I had to install the Google Maps APP first.
  35. The google maps App has a feature to download the maps.
  36. Aug 2017 update▪▪▪
    Recently I have been using my Galaxy Tab 8 for navigation while I am flying.
  37. It weighs just over a pound and is easy to carry around.
  38. The fact that I can upgrade the storage space to an available 2TB is mind blowing.
  39. Having up to 13 hours of workable time is another great feature.
  40. I bought a 128GB SD card to see if that is enough space for now.
  41. My wife thought we might need to get a wireless keyboard, but once she saw how large the on-screen keyboard is said that is perfect.
  42. I have compared this tablet to Ipad Pro, Surface Pro and many other pressure sensitive tablets on the market, looking at price, hardware, display and definitely usefulness for drawing.
  43. If you’re not looking for something to replace a PC or a laptop, this is definitely the best value for money spent.
  44. The 3GBs of RAM and crisp, clean display makes watching videos and working with art programs a breeze.
  45. Since I bought this tablet I have been thoroughly enjoying my art, and I have tried almost all of the art programs in the play store.
  46. By the way, for this device Samsung Apps has given FREE access to Art Rage!
  47. I have not missed using Photoshop on my PC, and I love the fact that I can draw directly on the screen as if I were drawing on paper.
  48. The S Pen is held safely and securely within the tablet.
  49. Some reviews state that the S Pen is a bit thin, but I have drawn comfortably with it for hours.
  50. The battery life is wonderful, it has lasted me a week of drawing on it about 2-3 hours a day, though I do turn off the wifi when I am not actively using it which greatly helps with conserving battery power.
  51. When I am not drawing I use my tablet for reading and browsing the internet.
  52. I am still quite pleased with my purchase and I 100% recommend it.
  53. I take it with me wherever I go and it is always ready to go when I need to jot down my notes or surf the web.
  54. I then ordered a replacement, and it was a standard Tab A also.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1″; 16 GB Wifi Tablet (White) SM-T580NZWAXAR here

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