polo Curve Spalding NBA tf
Spalding NBA TF-250 in size 7 is a very good training ball suitable both for playing in the hall and in the open air. It has been made of a synthetic high quality coating thanks to which it adheres perfectly to the hand and guarantees good control during the game


Material-synthetic coating


Brand: Spalding

Spalding TF 250 Basketball

spalding basketball

  1. Perfect solution regarding durability and game characteristics.

Buy Spalding TF 250 Basketball here $31.14 – $33.59

Spalding TF-250 Basketball

spalding basketball 1

  1. Constructed with nylon winding for indoor/outdoor durability and long life.
  2. It has more of a plastic fell in the material instead of rubber.
  3. It doesn’t say anywhere in the description that the ball is deflated.

Buy Spalding TF-250 Basketball here $18.99 – $41.53

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