BelTOR glove MMA combat yellow black
High quality, original design and affordable price are the features that make this model like you. Combat gloves, thanks to the construction and double layer of protection will allow you to give strong hits in both the stand and the ground.

• hand made in the highest quality natural leather

• Velcro stabilizing wrist

• thumb protection

• functional packaging

Brand: Beltor


Combat Sports Pro Style MMA Muay Thai Grappling Training Sparring Half Mitts Gloves

combat sports pro style mma muay thai grappling training sparring half mitts glo

  1. They have NO bend at the knuckles, very flat and stiff.
  2. Its actually hard to make a fist with them on, when new, because they are so stiff and flat.
  3. I left them folded at the knuckles under a 70 lb heavy bag for a few days and that helped a little, but not much.
  4. My knuckles get bruised when i used them, due to being so flat and lacking flexibility.
  5. They might break in better, were i to use them more, but they are so unpleasant to use i probably wont make it that far.
  6. Had them replaced 3 times before I just gave up and went with the RDX raw hides.
  7. I purchased these as a Christmas gift for my 9 year old with super slender hands.
  8. My 5 year old with similarly slender hands just barely fit them.
  9. I’m going to keep them for my younger son but I think I’m going to search for a different brand for my older son.
  10. I’m not too confident in the sizing chart for this product.
  11. Only thing to give it 4 of 5 is that there is a wrist pad on the top of the wrist that makes it hard to really make a good palm hit/attack because you can’t make your wrist do a 90-degree bend because of the pad.
  12. I probably could have used a slightly smaller size but they work for their purpose so I kept them.
  13. Stitching has held up fine in the 3 months I’ve had these now but I have started to get some fraying on the finger openings thats a little annoying.
  14. They fit his hands well and offer enough padding to protect his hands.
  15. I think they were returned without the original packaging which made them “used”, but they still had all the tags on them.
  16. I ordered the youth medium for my 5 yr old and they fit perfectly.
  17. She uses them twice weekly and they show no sign of wear after about 5months.
  18. The padding is not thick enough to protect an older child (or someone with more strength) that might be sparring or hitting heavy bags.
  19. The Velcro is strong enough to hold them on without being so strong that she needs help.
  20. I spray them down with Lysol once a week to clean them and they’ve held up well to that.
  21. If you plan to wear wraps make sure to get the next size up!<
  22. Only issue I had was that the stiching on the inner velcro pad was already comming off before Ieven put them on.

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