BelTOR disk to kick kick shield curved bo

BelTOR disk to kick kick shield curved bo 1
The shield was made of a PVC-coated polyester compartment called Plavil.

This material is resistant to stretching and tearing, thanks to which the shield can be used to make punches with the help of legs.

The shield has been sewn together with special triangular core threads with sliding coating, thanks to which they do not rub the fabric and create a very strong connection.

The pad filling is absorbing polyurethane foam absorbing the impact energy.

The dial is available in black.

Brand: Beltor


RDX MMA Kick Strike Shield Curved Training Thai Pad Target Focus Boxing Punching Mitts (THIS IS SOLD AS SINGLE ITEM)

rdx mma kick strike shield curved training thai pad target focus boxing punching

  1. That gives you the most shock absorption and long lasting performance to take the hardest kicks and punches.
  2. We have incorporated the latest technology in strike Shield which not only provides better absorbency but is extremely lightweight.
  3. This shield takes stability and performance to the next level.
  4. They are based in England somewhere, and wouldn’t ship the shields to the US anyways.
  5. I no longer own a Rev gear (stolen during our recent move), so comparisons to the Rev gear are purely from memory.
  6. The leather is well crafted with stitching that would look good in a good leather car seat.
  7. The RDX1 is about 3 inches wider, but 3 inches shorter than the RDX2.
  8. The RDX 2 had s leather logo that is stitched to the front center.
  9. The RDX1 feels about a half a pound heavier than the RDX2.
  10. The inside consist of 2 materials – a Denzo material sandwiched between a rubberlike gel sheet.
  11. I had my wife hit both pads as hard as she can (she has Krav Maga training and hits harder than half the guy I train with), and I would say that there is no perceivable difference in impact felt by me or felt by her hand.
  12. I find that the RDX1, with it’s top handle is much easier to hold for low kicks, and the RDX2 much easier for higher kicks.
  13. Compared to the Rev gear, I don’t think there is much difference in impact absorption.
  14. In fact, I really don’t think that there is much difference at all between both RDXs and the Rev gear.
  15. They are very nicely constructed and you can get 2 for the price of a Rev gear.
  16. Only time will tell if the leather contracted RDXs last as long as the vinyl Rev gear.

Buy RDX MMA Kick Strike Shield Curved Training Thai Pad Target Focus Boxing Punching Mitts (THIS IS SOLD AS SINGLE ITEM) here

RDX MMA Strike Shield Curved Training Thai Pad Focus Target Boxing Kick Punching Mitts (This is Sold as SINGLE ITEM)

rdx mma strike shield curved training thai pad focus target boxing kick punching

  1. It easily absorbs full contact strikes and the double layered webbing , re-enforced buckle straps ensures a more secure fit.
  2. Cushioned wrist area with reinforced handles and two hook and loop arm straps for closing.
  3. Also features the new Aero Punch Technology, because of its molded foam structure it absorbs shock waves more evenly therefore reducing the risk of strain injuries that can occur during training.
  4. It’s on the heavy side and is hard, built for hard kickers.
  5. The top handle is a thoughtful addition for practicing leg kicks.
  6. The meshing at the back is nice, but can be somewhat abrasive to the holder.
  7. I can definitely see a reduction in bruises and boo boos on my legs ..
  8. Also the velcronoads stay on much better that other ones I have used


  9. One thing I would say is that I would want this company to more boldly lost that this is a single item.
  10. Over time and repeated abuse I am sure it will fall into its curved nature.
  11. Since I just started using them, I’m not sure how well they will hold up, which, of course, is a major consideration.
  12. For now, though, I’m giving four stars primarily because they are so hard.
  13. She has a really tough time kicking the pads because they give very little.
  14. She’s going to have to spend a lot of time toughening up her feet (which is a good thing), but it means that for the time being she cannot kick with full power, or anything close to it.
  15. I imagine all beginners would have the same issue, regardless of age.
  16. I hope, too, that the pads break in over time, and soften up.
  17. I ended up ordering the second one because you need a pair to partner for Muay Thai training.
  18. Takes a beating and is comfortable to hold for very strong kicks!!!

Buy RDX MMA Strike Shield Curved Training Thai Pad Focus Target Boxing Kick Punching Mitts (This is Sold as SINGLE ITEM) here

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