BelTOR bag training fight black yellow XL sports bag

BelTOR bag training fight black yellow XL sports bag 1
The Beltor bag will work great as a training bag, and it will also help you to pack your luggage on a trip or on a sports camp.

This is an excellent choice for all athletes and often traveling travelers. Functional side handles allow convenient carrying, and the hidden inner pocket will guarantee safe storage of valuables and documents. In addition, the Beltor bag has a side pocket, the capacity of which can be increased when the main compartment is not filled.

– from under the bag secured with rubber blades

– lateral chamber with variable capacity

– inner pocket ideal for documents and valuables

– the main chamber is opened with a U-shaped lock

– additional pocket for small items

– wide straps on the frame

– functional side handles that allow convenient carrying



External dimensions-74cm x 34cm x 32cm (length x width x height)


Material-waterproof coated fabric


Brand: Beltor


Stript Health Boxing Reflex Fight Ball – Improve Speed With Reaction Training – Get In Shape While Having Fun Punching – Lightweight And Portable – Premium Fitness Headband Exercise Equipment

stript health boxing reflex fight ball improve speed with reaction training get

  1. Lightweight and portable delivers the key to get a great workout in your home, office, or while traveling …
  2. Burn Calories – Improve your Hand Speed, Reaction Time & Strike Accuracy – Fun and Challenging you won’t even realize your reshaping your body.
  3. It’s the perfect training equipment that will increase your agility, concentration and reflexes while providing an intense workout!
  4. Premium headband ensures you can exercise in comfort, Convenient one size fits all headband and adjustable string clip enables you to change the difficulty level and easily wash the headband – – FAST!
  5. How about improve your fighting skills, get lightning fast reflexes, and enhance your coordination.
  6. Our reflex ball allows you to take shadow boxing to the next level.
  7. Top athletes in Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, and Boxing are using this boxer ball to improve their skills.
  8. Get ready to gather together friends, family and coworkers for some fun competitions to see who’s the champion.
  9. Stript Health Boxing Reflex Ball is an amazing new reflex ball that helps every person into fitness to get in shape while having fun.
  10. Feel confident in your purchase with our 100% money back guarantee!<
  11. Though the fact I can adjust the length of the ball itself is a plus, but when I go to punch it and the headband starts to slip it messes with the overall experience.
  12. A colleague of mine recommended this and I am so happy he did!
  13. We now have competitions at work to see who can keep it going the longest.
  14. It is simple to set up and I really like how the headband can be separated from the ball for easy cleaning and storage.
  15. And shipped so swiftly, i swear i has just clicked “buy”.
  16. I used it the second I received it in the mail and can’t wait to show my trainer how much I have improved.
  17. Not only does it stay on my head the entire time I am using it, but it challenges me just the right amount.
  18. Fast shipping, great customer service and the product is a lot of fun.

Buy Stript Health Boxing Reflex Fight Ball – Improve Speed With Reaction Training – Get In Shape While Having Fun Punching – Lightweight And Portable – Premium Fitness Headband Exercise Equipment here

Xinluying Women Men Kids Punch Bag Taekwondo Sparring Grappling Fight Boxing Gym Training Gear Leather Gloves Mitts

xinluying women men kids punch bag taekwondo sparring grappling fight boxing gym

  1. Quality Protective Gear: Made of premium synthetic PU leather and Lycra Fabric.
  2. EVA lining pads protect the whole back of hands with its fingers to release shock impact.
  3. Breathbility and Strong Grip Design: Breathable and elastic hollow palm design with cylindrical hold bar enhance grip in fitness without slip.
  4. Custom Fit and Sweat-absorbtion Design: High elastic mesh fabric between fingers for comfortable and breathable fit.
  5. Large terry cloth thumb absorb sweat without distract in training.
  6. Perfect Training Partner: Magic wrist velcro is adjustable for custom fit.
  7. The gloves is the best match with Xinluying foot protectors.
  8. Suitable sports:Boxing, Taekwondo, Punching Bag, Mixed Martial Arts, Sparring, Grappling, Cardio Training or Fighting etc.
  9. Soak the gloves with soap, then rub and wash, dry in the shade.
  10. I purchased these specifically for doing bag work to condition my hands and not for MMA or UFC.
  11. The padding on these gloves is way too thin for full contact and are not MMA, UFC, or Muay Thi regulation, I knew this when I bought them but this review is for other potential buyers and not for myself so I removed two stars because they are falsely advertised as being for this purpose.
  12. As a matter of fact a trained fighter could cause serious injury or even death using these in full contact, especially experienced fighters like myself who can easily strike with over 1000 pounds of pressure.
  13. International MMA, UFC, and Muay Thi regulations require much more padding for this very reason.
  14. These do comply with Tae Kwon Do competition requirements since Tae Kwon Do competitions do not allow full contact.
  15. All in all I am very impressed with the quality and durability of these gloves for bag work and I do recommend them for such purposes, I just wish that they were more honest about how they advertised them.
  16. Making false claims that these are safe for MMA, UFC, and Muay Thi can get amateur fighters seriously hurt or even killed.
  17. Hopefully the manufacturer will see this review and change the description of this item.
  18. I really like that they have padding over the knuckles.
  19. This allows them to be used as heavy bag gloves – of course not under full striking strength conditions, but they can definitely take a beating for speed bag and light duty work on a heavy bag.
  20. Additionally, they aren’t so bulky that you couldn’t wear them as hand wraps under an actual punching glove.
  21. They are machine washable; which is a plus, because these do build quite an odor – what did you expect.
  22. I use them as my workout glove and for sparring/ light duty punching bag sessions.
  23. Recommendation: If the design will permit, add more ventilation to the glove for aeration and sweat control.
  24. The black bag and dirt are starting to rub off on the white, so if you a neat freak you might want a different color besides white.
  25. It gives me that added protection in the knuckles but then I can also quick switch to push ups or burpees.
  26. Just enough protection without restricting your hand/fist movement.
  27. They fit perfectly and seem like decent quality gloves.
  28. The stitching is much better than what comes across on the photos.
  29. This puts the knuckle on the edge of the pad, which damages you very quickly, as I now have a scar to prove.
  30. I tried them on and they fit but didn’t close (I’m a 33 y/o female).

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