bicycle helmet Bontrager quantum black
The Bontrager Quantum helmet is distinguished by excellent ventilation even at low speeds. Designed to be comfortable and comfortable for every user. In a simple way you will adjust the size of one hand with the Micro-Manager system.

The embossed outer layer has been reinforced, and the moisture-wicking rug is suitable for washing.

Elaborated channels that provide airflow through the helmet and over the head.



Ventilation-Internal Channeling-Disrupted channels to ensure airflow through the helmet and head

Regulation –
– Micro Manager-adjustment to the size of the head

– Lock Down-easier to use the helmet belt: open the latch to adjust; close the latch to lock.

Brand: Bontrager


Bontrager Women’s Quantum Bicycle Cycling Safety Bike Helmet Small Maui Blue White

bontrager women quantum bicycle cycling safety bike helmet small maui blue white

  1. A removable visor adds to the value of a helmet that feels just as at home on the trail as it does on the road.

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ICEdot Crash Sensor

icedot crash sensor

  1. LONGER ADVENTURE TIME: With its batteries being rechargeable, you get to enjoy more biking time adventures.
  2. It can be used for approximately 20 hours, and stay on standby for around 30 hours.
  3. BLUETOOTH SMART: This sensor works with the use of Bluetooth Low Energy, to reduce battery power consumption.
  4. SAFER RIDE ALONE: With the ICEdot Crash Sensor innovation, you can go alone on treks and exploits with peace of mind.
  5. You are sure that your loved ones will be notified in case of emergency, and you are far safer than when no one knows what happens or happened to you.
  6. GO PREMIUM: When you purchase an ICEdot crash sensor, you are entitled to a 1 Year Premium ICEdot Membership.
  7. When an incident happens, the ICEdot sends a Bluetooth signal to an app on your smartphone.
  8. An alarm will sound on the phone, giving you a chance to stop the distress signal from going out if you’re ok.
  9. If you don’t stop the app, it sends an SMS text message to your pre-specified emergency contacts with your GPS coordinates.
  10. I’ve read all the negative reviews and can identify with some of them, at least at first.
  11. I too had trouble getting this device to connect to my phone, but John in tech support walked me through it and we got it to connect with minimal effort.
  12. He was very helpful on the phone, which I would recommend rather than trying to solve problems via email.
  13. Yes, the instructions that come with the ICEdot are pretty poor, but there’s enough there to get started, and maybe that’s enough for most people.
  14. I bought this device to give my wife peace of mind when I’m out on the road, and like insurance it’s the sort of thing you never want to actually use as it was intended.
  15. Next step is to do a trial run to make sure it contacts the phone number I’ve selected for notification.
  16. Sort of like a fire drill of sorts to make sure it will work if needed.
  17. Like one of the other reviewers, I hope this company succeeds because this is a very clever idea.
  18. I don’t really care if it’s called a crash sensor or whatever, as long as it works if I need it.
  19. Besides the crash sensing capability, I really like the other parts of the system too.
  20. The frame flexes a bit (necessarily) so it’s hard to tell.
  21. I’ve got it cranked down tight with the sticky tape and 2 zip ties – no false alarms yet so I think I have it right.
  22. The “wrist snap” test procedure outlined in the instructions didn’t produce an alarm, but tapping directly on the sensor did.
  23. But shortly after my phone updated itself the ICEdot stopped working.
  24. I contacted ICEdot support and we went back and forth with emails trying to solve the problem.
  25. As others have discussed, the ICEdot will no longer connect with more modern Android-based phones.
  26. The tech from ICEdot at first told me that the problem is that my new phone, a Droid Turbo, does not support Bluetooth Low Energy communications.
  27. A trip to the local Verizon store proved that my phone does, in fact, support Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) communications.
  28. After telling ICEdot’s tech about this fact, he sent me another sensor thinking that perhaps my old sensor stopped functioning for some reason.
  29. When the new sensor arrived, it had the same problems with my Droid Turbo.
  30. On the advice of my Verizon tech, I went to my Bluetooth section of my phone and ordered the phone to search for and pair with any Bluetooth devices.
  31. My phone found the ICEdot and I tried to pair with the ICEdot.
  32. However, I was asked for the pairing code (probably a 0000 or 1234).
  33. But we do now know that my phone’s Bluetooth and the ICEdot sensor were talking to each other.
  34. I returned to the Verizon store and the same super technician and I tried pairing the ICEdot with 3 of the 4 phones that come up in the ICEdot app as being “approved phones”.
  35. None of them worked and we had the same problem that we had with my Droid Turbo.
  36. The conclusion I have come to is that the problem lies with the people at ICEdot not preparing for the various updates to the Android operating system.
  37. DON’T believe me, though, Just to to the Google Play Store and search for the ICEdot app.
  38. Then, read the HUGE number of comments from others who, like me, liked this device (when it was working) but who now have a VERY EXPENSIVE piece of plastic that DOES NOTHING.
  39. I began riding a bike for exercise a while back and I was always concerned that something might happen while I’m on the road and I might not be able to call for help.
  40. It is easy to attach to your gear and the technical support from the manufacturer is fantastic.
  41. The documentation on their web site leaves a lot to be desired.
  42. But when I sent them an email about a problem I was having pairing the device with my Drois Razr Maxx phone, I received a return email quickly with the phone number of someone to call.
  43. I called that number and the technician held me by the hand while we configured the device.
  44. Then started getting random incident notifications and really screwy map tracking.
  45. We’ve had no response from Icedot to emails requesting assistance.
  46. I purchased my ICEdot last year and have had this issue since I received the product.
  47. Although the initial unit had issues, customer support Is very good.
  48. John was helpful and responded to my emails the next morning.
  49. I received one of these for Christmas and was excited to start using it during my daily commutes.

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