shirt bike fox lady Ripley gray

shirt bike fox lady Ripley gray 1


– Made from 100% moisture-wicking polyester Aircool.

– The mesh texture of the shirt material improves ventilation.

– From the inside sewn into the material to clean the goggles.

– Zipped pocket with audio output.

– Kroj profiled t-shirts, non-moving.

– Imprints are made in Screen technology.

– The highest quality of performance and great functionality.

Brand: Foxhead


4ucycling 3D Silicon Gel Padded bike Underwear Shorts – Breathable,Lightweight,Men -Women

ucycling silicon gel padded bike underwear shorts breathable lightweight men wom

  1. Our Cycling Shorts are designed for ultra comfortable, long lasting wear with a breathable, lightweight design, wear resistant polyester material and 3D foam padding!
  2. LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE; perfect for extra long cycle rides, our shorts are ultra thin, lightweight and wear resistant, manufactured from premium, breathable polyester and can help minimize wind resistance for your best performance!
  3. SWEAT RESISTANT; our premium breathable polyester material easily and quickly absorbs and releases sweat from the skin, for comfortable wear during the longest cycle rides, and can be easily worn under everyday clothes!
  4. D PADDING; designed with an ultra durable, premium, stitched 3D foam padding that won’t slip or slide as with other shorts, for excellent resistance and comfort when used with hard, uncomfortable bicycle seats!
  5. RELEIVE HIP PAIN; designed for men and women, our premium 3D foam padding helps relieve the hip pain associated with long cycle rides!
  6. Would you like a premium, professional quality set of cycling shorts with premium 3D padding for comfortable cycling?
  7. Manufactured from premium, durable polyester our Cycling Shorts are designed for comfortable wear, and are fully breathable, lightweight and easily help improve sweat transfer and release, keeping you dry and comfortable during the longest bicycle rides!
  8. Designed for both men and women, our shorts have a precision engineered, 3D stitched cushioned pad which provides extra support and resistance against hard, uncomfortable bicycle seats, and can help relieve joint and hip pain after long rides.
  9. With an ultra thin, lightweight design, our shorts are ideal for minimizing wind resistance and can be easily worn under everyday clothes without bulk!
  10. Our Cycling Shorts are a premium product, with a number of key benefits:

    – Breathable, lightweight, wear resistant polyester material.

  11. Helps improve sweat transfer for comfortable wear during long rides.
  12. Thin, lightweight fit, perfect for minimizing wind resistance.
  13. Precision engineered 3D padding for comfortable wear with hard bicycle seats.
  14. Suitable for both men and women, our shorts can help relieve hip pain from long cycle rides.
  15. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of cycling shorts and are tired of cheap shorts that easily wear after little use, our Cycling Shorts are the perfect choice, with 3D padding, premium, breathable material and a lightweight design!
  16. No longer do I come home after cycling class and have to ice my lady bits.
  17. Yes, from behind it may look as though I am wearing a diaper in preparation for pooping myself during my workout, but this is a small price to pay to avoid such an aggressive pounding to my most sensitive parts.
  18. I just wrap a long sleeve tee around my waist to cover my bulging keister.
  19. So if you wear looser sweatpants, or a workout skirt- you wouldn’t be able to tell!<
  20. Compared to the Hell my lady bits experienced pre-cycling shorts, spin class now feels like I’m riding on a cushion of soft, supportive clouds.
  21. They are made wonderfully, but they hug snugly on the body.
  22. The fit seems a little off as the legs just seem a little too short.
  23. I have found that I prefer the Baleaf Men’s 3D padded Coolmax Underwear shorts as the legs are longer and stay in place better.
  24. I’m not saying these are bad shorts, just that I prefer the others.
  25. These have a mesh type lining which allows for better cooling, and the padding is thick enough to be comfortable on longer rides.
  26. I will continue to use these, along with my other padded shorts, but I probably will not buy again.
  27. I ride at least an hour at least twice a week, and do get sore.
  28. This has greatly reduced the pain I would find after sitting on the bike.
  29. The padding was much firmer than the 4ucycling 3D padded shorts which I will be returning.
  30. I think they are great for the money and fit as i expected.
  31. I definetly notice a big difference in comfort from riding without padded shorts.
  32. My only note for improvement would be that the waistband is thin and not very smooth so it does get a little noticeable after a long ride.
  33. I think these are great for the price and for a moderate rider like myself they work perfectly.
  34. I dont know if i would use them for a 100k or even a 50k race but they are great for a dozen miles or so around the city.

Buy 4ucycling 3D Silicon Gel Padded bike Underwear Shorts – Breathable,Lightweight,Men -Women here $9.99 – $11.18

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