stol pool buffalo mini XCM
The MINI table is ideal for small rooms where large tables do not fit.

Smaller than normal balls and shorter sticks make the table ideal for children.


– One-sided MDF board 15mm

– Basket version

– Accessories included: 2 standard poles, 1 standard ball set, three-dimensional plastic, 2 chalk cubes, brush

– Dimensions of the playing field 83 x 42 cm

– External dimensions: 92 x 52 x 20 cm

– Weight: 8 kg

– Packed in one carton weighing 8.5 kg and dimensions: 97 x 57 x 7.3 cm

Brand: Buffalo


Ultimate Survival Technologies Brila Mini Lantern

ultimate survival technologies brila mini lantern

  1. Made of high-impact, ABS plastic with a molded-rubber lens protector, it has an IPX6 water resistance rating (protected against storm water conditions from all directions).
  2. The bottom of the base includes a strong magnet for hands free placement, as well as a handy, built-in carabiner for hanging.
  3. It also has a red LED for alert signal and an emergency flashing SOS signal (over 48 hours).
  4. It’s backed by a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.
  5. UST Brands has been manufacturing camping, survival, personal safety, and emergency preparedness equipment for over 80 years, including innovative LED lights, all-weather fire starters, premium outdoor cutting tools, camp kitchen products, first aid kits, unbreakable signal mirrors, and more.
  6. It’s all about looking for that tie-breaker, to hopefully find something that separates the many offerings.
  7. I have a fair number of LED flashlights but I’m not looking for features and absolute perfection in this type of light, just one that is bright enough.
  8. Unlike another reviewer I don’t much care if the LED’s are too blue, that level of detail isn’t on my list of necessary requirements.
  9. The field for these lanterns is enormous it seems, and as a recent retiree I just can’t gamble on my choice, it needs to be a solid performer.
  10. The features like flashing and “extremely water resistant with an IPX6 rating” weren’t important to me.
  11. Solid enough that I went out and purchased another one.
  12. I’ve used mine twice this summer during electrical outages, one that was extended to three days.
  13. Without electricity it can get pretty boring, and they passed with flying colors for what I primarily bought them for: reading.
  14. I had one on a table next to me and used the Carabiner attached to the bottom to hang the second one over my head.
  15. But for my basic requirements this light is a real value.
  16. One more comment: no more candles or candle burning lanterns for me.
  17. The only benefit that I can see is having it handy if you run out of batteries.
  18. I bought this one just to see if it is as good as they claimed and it is.
  19. It is small, light (but feels very substantial and strong), takes 2 AA batteries and lights up a small room for hours and hours.
  20. Instead of having a torch that lights up the back 40 acres I wanted something to just light up room or to take camping, and uses easily found AA batteries.
  21. I have ordered another couple just to have around the house, the car and clipped to my bug out bag.
  22. Plus another one for my Mum in case the power goes down.
  23. Glows all night enough so that I can find it easier in the dark.
  24. Carabiner clip and magnets, though the magnets aren’t strong enough to secure it strongly to the fridge (I leave it in the kitchen for emergencies), so it slides down some.
  25. And those batteries power it for an amazing amount of time.
  26. Rubber and feet to keep it from rolling off of surfaces.
  27. I could go on, but there’s so many sites/vids detailing all it’s great features.
  28. There’s so much to love, I’m hesitating to add negatives, but there’s always room for improvement.
  29. I do wish there were a lantern that would go dimmer, like night-light dim, so my daughter could use it for getting to the bathroom at night, which is the main reason I bought this.
  30. I also wish it had a continuous red light (rather than blinking) so she could use that for getting to the bathroom and keep from waking her up too much.
  31. I also wish these lanterns would start at dim rather than bright so it’s not such a shock of bright, and even better, if it weren’t necessary to cycle through all levels every time.
  32. I would love it to have a stepless adjustable brightness function, too.
  33. It’s a lot to ask, I know, especially considering the low price of these lanterns, but that’s my wish list.
  34. We’ve purchased 3, and now at stage of “who do we know who needs this?” to buy MORE!
  35. They’re now stuck neatly to the sides of our fridge/freezer for handy indoor/garage use.
  36. Great gift for any kiddo (especially scouters / campers).
  37. Our grandson just discovered the magnetic base is ideal for attachment to his motorized Razor scooter, so he can play Emergency Responder with the red flasher setting.
  38. HIGH and LOW is not really noticeable – though it may be technically correct – the LOW should be dimmer.
  39. The lamp would turn itself off, and was very sensitive to movement.
  40. Magnetic so we use it on the open lid of our camp stove while cooking.
  41. Nice carabiner on the bottom to hang from as well as little magnets.
  42. Love that it glows so you can better find it in the dark.
  43. The clip/magnet combo makes it easy to hang up anywhere.

Buy Ultimate Survival Technologies Brila Mini Lantern here $11.49

BARSKA 15-40×50 Colorado Spotting Scope

barska colorado spotting scope

  1. Beyond 150 yards, the image will naturally start to become blurry.
  2. Multicoated glass and a BK-7 puro Prism transmit bright contrast-rich Images throughout the entire zoom range.
  3. An included Mini tripod is foldable and convenient for terrain navigation and Nature observation on-the-go.
  4. The 15X zoom level is very easy to use and focus, however the 40X will be difficult to use for most people.
  5. We have this setup to look over the lake behind the house.
  6. It has been placed on a full height tripod that is made for video cameras.
  7. This makes it really stable and easy to pan and then lock into place.
  8. I have uploaded 3 photos taken with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comparing the zooms to the normal view.
  9. Using the phones camera I was actually able to use the 40X better than I could without phone.
  10. Of course, if any of those other things are important to you, as they are to me, then you’ll want to take off some stars for them, making this a rather abysmal choice.
  11. Still, for the price, it’s not too bad, and if you provide a better case, caps, and tripod of your own it turns into a serviceable piece of kit for your shooting range or bird watching trips, one that you won’t cry over if it were to get lost or broken.
  12. Or at least not as bad as some of the reviews make it out to be.
  13. At 40x not so much, but given the price I shouldn’t expect more.
  14. If you keep your expectations realistic, you will not be disappointed.
  15. I only bought it to sight my rifle scopes without having to walk 100m every 5 or 10 rounds.
  16. Able to easily see holes and score a USA50 rifle target.
  17. Field of view when zoomed out will cover 2 targets side by side, and you can see the holes clearly enough at that zoom to score.
  18. I’d fully expect it to work fine for 10M air rifle targets as well.
  19. When I screwed it into my scope mount, the threads felt like they were plastic.
  20. It’s great for seeing holes in targets at 100 yards (.22/5.56/.270).
  21. It is a little smaller than I thought but that’s fine as it easily fits in my range bag.
  22. The tripod is very small/short so I either prop the scope up on a sandbag or block or just hold it in my hand.
  23. Also you must detach the tripod after use if you want to put it back in its case as it won’t fit with the tripod on.
  24. I got it last week and tried it this weekend, and will probably return it.
  25. First of all the tripod, as most everybody else mentioned, was pretty flimsy, but I have a couple of camera tripods so that didn’t influence my opinion.
  26. What turned out to be true, as some of the reviewers already said, was that much above minimum magnification the focus got worse.
  27. I was able to use it at 25 yards to sight in a red dot scope that I ordered with this spotter, but when I tried it again at 100 feet, same target, I found that the additional 25 feet made it a no-go.
  28. I was unable to obtain a sharp focus except at minimum magnification, so today I got plenty of exercise trotting back and forth to the target.
  29. I’ll usually accept a little compromise because of the price, but in this case, I don’t think it will work for me and wouldn’t recommend it.
  30. The scope is not bad for the price, but it is easier to just use a decent pair of binoculars vs.
  31. I would say 100 yards is probably the absolute max for this, I think 150 would be a little bit of a stretch.
  32. The case is nice, but the lens covers don’t stay on it that well inside the case.
  33. Also you have to take the stand off to get it into the case.
  34. Not a big deal, but I was hoping they would fit together.
  35. The scope is easy to work and I would recommend it for anything under 100 yards.
  36. Impossible to focus and the lenses have a haze on them.
  37. The optics aren’t the clearest out there but for the price point I feel it’s a darn good spotting scope.

Buy BARSKA 15-40×50 Colorado Spotting Scope here $29.92

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