black masculine listonoszka raportowka solier

black masculine listonoszka raportowka solier 1
Fashion for men’s small bags on the frame, so-called posters. We have for you a model of a male solier s08. We like to always have the most necessary accessories such as wallet, phone or keys to the apartment.

The reporter, thanks to its small size, will work perfectly as a portable assistant. We will take her to work at the universities and the city.

The postwoman has been made of high quality organic skin which makes it possible for us for a long time of use. The reporter has a magnet flap, and the security guarantees of our accessories are provided by the main chamber closed with a zipper. In the middle of the bag, we can find an additional pocket for the phone, pens or keys.

Thanks to the adjustable belt, the postman becomes even more user-friendly.

The universal black color makes the postwoman be fit for every stylization. For elegant or casual, the s08 postman is the perfect choice for people who value comfort and style.


– Made of organic leather

– Adjustable shoulder strap

– Black color

– Magnet flap

– Closed to the slider

– Additional pockets inside

– Material: Ecological Skin

– Color: Black

– Dimensions: 21 x 24 cm

Brand: Solier

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    graduated calf compression sleeves socks best men amp women pain relief stocking

    1. We put a lot of effort to develop the fabric that is flexible and easy to put on while providing proper level of healing graduated compression – especially good for people with arthritis.
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    5. Unlike kinesiology tape that can restrict your movement.
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      The true graduated compression design creates a funnel like effect in the calves for your circulation system.

    9. By increasing the pressure on your ankles and lessening the pressure towards the top, graduated compression, you help accelerate the flow of upward from feet and back to the heart.
    10. This keeps oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood flowing more efficiently into the leg that decrease recovery time, re-energizes the legs and combats occupational leg swelling.
    11. Stylish Moisture Wicking Material

      The durable material is thick enough to make it through even hike or run, with moisture wicking technology and ventilation slits to keep you cool even on the hottest summer day.

    12. How Choose the Right Size for You:

      Our sleeves are perfect for men and women up to 6’ 4” in height with calf ranges from 9” to 24”.

    13. Measure the circumference of the thickest part of your calf and compare your measurement and height to the size chart in image area.
    14. Yes, some other brands I’ve bought in black I recently tried in “girl colors”, same size etc.
    15. Except the non-black sleeves would only fit my forearms, but not my calves.
    16. I received them the next day, they were packaged nice and neat.
    17. Even unwashed the material had a very nice feel to it which delighted me.
    18. Now I really was liking them, too much, but I still hadn’t tried them on.
    19. Finally I got my nerve up and put on my pretty pink sleeves.
    20. That’s actually perfectly fine, I won’t have to worry so much about shrinking them the first time I wash them.
    21. Not only are they sized exactly to the size chart but they have true gradual compression.
    22. But I’ve tried about 18 brands and I’ve only found 2 so far that actually have true gradual calf compression which is about the most important thing in my personal opinion.
    23. Plain compression is better than nothing if that’s really all you have and you’re stuck on a plane.
    24. But gradual compression is what actually does the job of keeping the blood flowing, avoiding those blood clots and moving that lymph fluid along.
    25. They’re not a struggle to take on or off, comfortable, look good, and are well made.
    26. Most importantly, for me though, is that they breathe and don’t trap heat!
    27. I deal with heat intolerance so this was the absolutely a must (as even going from something as simple as ankle socks to a knee high pair can cause me to overheat and pass out).
    28. So when I strained my calf I knew I’d need to get something supportive, that would stay cool or at least not trap heat, for after wearing walking boot while it continued to heal.
    29. The sleeves also have had the bonus of making my legs less tired and achy after being on my feet all day working on concrete floors.
    30. I bought them in large, despite being a medium based on the sizing chart (15.25″ calf circumference) as I had read that they run a bit small.
    31. I am glad that I did as they fit perfectly with a good amount of compression without being too constricting.
    32. I find that, despite going up a size, the length of the sleeves are thankfully not too long for me (5’7″ height).
    33. Additionally, the ends don’t seem to strangle or cut off circulation.
    34. They’re not any tighter in relation to the rest of the sleeves and thus there have no issues of them digging into my skin or causing numbness.
    35. I haven’t had them washed yet so I can’t speak to how they hold up there.
    36. Based on their sturdy construction and quality fabric I doubt they will have a problem.
    37. Though just to be safe I wouldn’t dry them in a dryer, and will put them in a delicates bag before they go in the washer.
    38. Though I do run and walk, I wear these primarily to prevent progression of varicose veins.
    39. For that purpose they seem fine, though I do wish they’d have a higher compression rating.
    40. And the material itself seems thin compared to my more substantial (though unfortunately shorter) Bevisible sleeves, suggesting they may not last as long.
    41. I have a 16-inch calf but the Medium sleeves work perfectly, and are tighter than the Large.
    42. I’m considering trying a Small pair to see if they would be even tighter — so long as they aren’t too short.
    43. I have an email into Rikedom’s customer service folks to find out.)

      All in all, I’d buy these again, though more substantial fabric would make them even better.

    44. While wearing these my calves feel like just stretched when going from sitting to standing, and do not get tired half way through the shift.
    45. I do not think they are uncomfortable and are less warm than full on compression socks.
    46. My constructive criticism would be that the medium could be a couple inches shorter and I would have liked the option of less conspicuous colors.
    47. For reference purposes I am 35 years old, 5’8″ and 120#.
    48. I wear them when I go for runs, workout at the gym or when I’m on my feet all day at work.
    49. They help tremendously because the blood flow is increased and I don’t get tired as fast.
    50. I’ve also noticed that I could lift more weight wearing these on leg day!
    51. I use these for mountain bike riding to keep my legs from getting scratched up & badly poked from all the dry brush here in Southern California.
    52. They’re a durable knit fabric but getting heavy wear & tear as I’m using them for something different than intended.
    53. My first pair are still usable but I need a backup pair.
    54. Too bad I had to wash them, because with each wash, the elastic began to unravel.
    55. Just tight enough to get the job done, and keep ya on your feet for your 12 hour shift.
    56. But once on it was ok for like an hr.i have really big calves n it still was kinda tight n alil uncomfortable.
    57. Would be better if a little longer, and a little thicker like Musetech.
    58. Material is good quality; it is very stretchy and comfortable.

    Buy Graduated Calf Compression Sleeves Socks: Best Men & Women Pain Relief Stocking for Shin Splints, Leg Cramps Strains, Varicose Veins, Swelling. Increase Blood Circulation, Anti Fatigue & Fast Recovery here $19.45

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