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Climbing Technology’s Orbiter F is a proven block with fixed covers, making its installation extremely easy. Climbing Technology is an internationally recognized brand that manufactures climbing and high-quality equipment that meets the required standards and is characterized by such a desirable reliability.

The CT Orbiter F is a compact device that will work well in extraction systems. Fixed covers enable quick and trouble-free attachment of the rope to 13 mm diameter, and the appropriate size of the holes is easy to attach the rifle.Ā Applied self-lubricating sleeves ensure quiet and smooth work of Orbiter F.

The device is distinguished by its compact size and low weight (use of durable light alloys), thanks to which it will not only work during work, but also during climbing.

Each of the blocks produced is subjected to an individual quality control before leaving the Italian factory.Ā Strength: 30kN (15kN-15kN)

CE 0333
EN 12278: 2007
UIAA CE: 0333

For ropes: Up to 13 mm

EN: 12278: 2007

Bearings: Self-lubricating bushes

Material: Light aluminum alloys


Weight: approx. 105g

Dimensions: approx. 8.5 x 4.8 x 2.9 cm

Durability: 30kN (15kN-15kN)

Brand: Climbing Technology

Maglite XL50 LED 3-Cell AAA Flashlight, Black

maglite led cell aaa flashlight black

  1. Design balanced optics and Power Management for maximum performance.
  2. Anodized inside and out for better corrosion resistance and durability.
  3. Limited lifetime warranty in the Western Hemisphere; ten-year limited warranty elsewhere.
  4. All Maglite flashlights are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
  5. Three selectable modes: high power, 25% power and emergency safety strobe.
  6. This flashlight has an impact-resistant and durable aluminum casing that helps keep it protected.
  7. With Intelligent Energy Source Management, the brightness and effective power usage is continuously monitored, allowing for prolonged battery life.
  8. Pre-purchase i wasn’t excited about the multiple ‘modes’ of operation but now that it’s in-hand I can tell that Maglite did their homework.
  9. Instead of cycling modes one at a time, the user selects a mode at power-up and the next press of the control button powers down the lamp.
  10. After so many torches with compulsory switches between lamp, LASER, beacon, flashing and/or S.O.S.
  11. The grip and water-resistance are nice but I do miss the ability to put the torch on a lanyard.
  12. There are gaskets and seals at all openings, so you can even use this in the rain, and not have to worry about water getting in, and shorting it out, or ruining it.
  13. The handle is ribbed for texture, so you have extra grip and do not have to worry about it sliding out of your hand while using it.
  14. The black, or whatever color you get, coating on the outside of it is pretty durable too.
  15. Unlike some other models, and types, you can not adjust the beam on this at all.
  16. I would say, in all the lights that I have used, I would say the radius of the radiant light, is about down the middle is how far the light spread is outside of the pinpoint beam.
  17. This flashlight was not designed to be used as a lantern type, but if you take the lens assembly off, you can use it like one.
  18. Or, if for some reason you need a wide angle beam up close, you can take the lens assembly off and use it that way too.
  19. But if you do, you will loose the long range or pinpoint beam for distance.
  20. The light turns on and off very easily by a simple click of the button on the bottom (opposite end of where the light comes out) of the flashlight.
  21. To switch between the settings, just click it multiple times, all at once, or in a row.
  22. That one, I think to switch between the settings is a pain in the ……
  23. That one, looks almost exactly the same as this, XL50 one, and really, the biggest difference between the 2 is the button and how it works to change settings.
  24. The assembly that holds the 3 AAA batteries is very easy to remove, and reinstall.
  25. The quality of the battery housing is pretty much all plastic, but is very well made.
  26. As with all maglite flashlights, this one is made here, in the USA too.
  27. While this does come with 3 batteries in the case, if you are not planning on using it for a while, I suggest leaving the batteries out of it until you need it.
  28. The reason, One of these, I put the batteries in that it came with, and it sat there for a few months not being used (I guess I should say that I had 5 of the XL series ones so you can not use them all at the same time), and then when I went to use it, I found that the batteries started to corrode and leak.
  29. Another option would be to get some good rechargeable that hold their power over a time.
  30. They are rechargeable’s, so I know I can use them over and over, but more then that, they do not have the tendency to leak like the disposables do, and this particular brand will keep most of their power for years, even when not being used.
  31. There are other ones like that out there, so just think about what you are using in it.
  32. Remember, this flashlights may have a warranty, but it does not cover battery leakage damage.
  33. In durability, I have dropped mine, bumped them and knocked them down, etc dozens of times, on everything from carpeting, to hardwood floors, to concrete and blacktop, and I have never had any of mine fail from this.
  34. Scratch, gouge the surface, yes, but fail to perform, no.
  35. As with any flashlight, they all have different designs, styles, and uses, and have different things that they are best for.
  36. So just take into consideration what you want to use it for, as to what is best for you.
  37. Personally, I love the button on the bottom for turning it on and off.
  38. In brightness, I feel that this is a good mid range light.
  39. Meaning, it is plenty bright for normal use, but also, is not over bright either.
  40. But as with any flashlight, going brighter also usually means sacrificing battery life.
  41. This one has good battery life, but also, is plenty bright for most people.
  42. So in the end, I really have no complaints about this one.
  43. Since they are both the XL50 version, and I really have not used the silver one much, I will tell you about the black one I have.
  44. If you just need to see if something is there, like where trees or people are, you can see that from many hundred’s of feet away.
  45. Just do not expect to see in great detail at that distance.
  46. The beam is a nice, bright white light, and so far, it still works as good as the day I bought it.
  47. I have had it out on the sidewalk, sitting in the direct sunlight (don’t recommend doing that), for extended lengths of time, in the middle of the summer.
  48. I have dropped it many times on to the concrete and blacktop, and so far, it only has some scratches, nicks and dings in the side.
  49. The button in the bottom is easy to push and use, and has a very nice feel to it.
  50. Even with all the use I have put it though so far, the switch still feels as sturdy as the day I bought it.
  51. If there is a difference, it is very small, almost un-noticable, unless comparing side to side.
  52. This uses 3 AAA batteries, that all sit in a plastic insert, that slides easily in and out of the flashlight, so changing batteries is very easy.
  53. It is very comfortable in your hand, no matter your hand size, but is also small enough to fit into your pocket if needed.
  54. I have the solitaire, the 2AAA stick type, this one, the XL150 (which is close to being like this one, but a different switch, which in my opinion, the one on the XL150 sucks), and even some 2 AA with the twist top to turn it on.
  55. Personally, as long as you don’t need any extra settings, this one, the XL50, and the XL150 are equal.
  56. But because of the settings on the switch being a pain on the XL150, I like this one better.
  57. My opinion, overall, I like this one the best of all my flashlights.
  58. Also, say you needed to light up a wide area, you could take the lens assembly off, and use it to light up a wide area, since the lens is fixed, and not adjustable, that is what you would have to do.
  59. Like with any flashlight, they all have their limitations.
  60. No ability to focus, cant replace the lens, short battery life, not being bright enough, and even times where things are too bright.
  61. I would say that this light is a nice balance between all of them.
  62. It is bright enough to see down the road, but also, not too bright to use close up.
  63. Small enough to put in your pocket, or easily to use in your hands, but not too big that it is hard to carry around.
  64. The button is easy to access, and the battery life, you can get many hours of use out of one set of batteries.
  65. No where near as long as some D sized flashlights, but hey, I have seen some AA LED ones that only got around 2 hours max, and that is out of a set of AA batteries.
  66. So even at the 200 lumens, version, which has a lower run time on a set then the 100 lumen version, still gets almost 7 hours on a set of batteries, on full power.
  67. That, I would say is good power management, and they can get that by using good quality parts.
  68. Overall, I think that this is a good, well rounded flashlight, that is one of my favorites, because it has the most balanced, well rounded, features.
  69. There really is not too much that I can say bad about it.
  70. I would like to point out, this is a comparison between all the types, and brands, USA and china made, ones that I have seen, used, and tried out.
  71. I have never tried the XL200 version, so I can not say anything about that one, which is also about the same type and design as this one.
  72. Had a very heavy and “sturdy” Radio Shack LED with a similar push button switch and when I took it to the beach, water got through the switch and made the batteries look like they had a year being left unattended.
  73. I use it for my evening walks because it’s so small it fits in my pocket when not needed and is very easy to see with when I do need it.
  74. I have the XL50 and bought this one and extremely disappointed.

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