block climbing technology orbiter

block climbing technology orbiter 1
A block that allows you to attach to it two rifles, which is mainly used in arboristics. Blade Climbing Technology Orbiter A is a construction that allows you to significantly increase the efficiency of the clamping terminal.

The opportunity offered by this model to support two rifles provides them with the right position and reduces the risk of transverse load.

This model has movable covers allowing quick installation.

They were made of light alloys, thanks to which not much of the vase.

The block uses self-lubricating bearings that offer optimum properties. The Climbing Technology Orbiter A is made in Italy, which guarantees the highest quality of workmanship.

This model has an efficiency of 80%. CE: 0333 For ropes: Do13 mm EN: 12278: 2007 Individual test: Bearing: Self-lubricating Material: UIAA lightweight: V Weight: approx. 105 g Dimensions: approx. 71 x 58 x 30 mm Durability: 30 kN (15 kN-15 kN)

Brand: Climbing Technology

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