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Durable Orbiter S ball bearing block, which can be used in extraction systems, both at work and on climbing. Versatile block with high strength, which allows you to work with a greater load.

Thanks to the use of the movable housing, placing the rope in the pulley takes place instantaneously.

All is relatively light thanks to the materials used.

The use of ball bearings is responsible for long and trouble-free operation even in demanding conditions.

A large hole in the top guarantees full cooperation with most connectors. Blocks Climbing Technology works with ropes with diameter up to 13mm including, providing great versatility.

To maintain high standards, each item is subject to individual inspection at the factory.

Strength: 32kn (16kN-16kN)

CE 0333

EN 12278: 2007

UIAA CE: 0333 For ropes: Up to 13 mm EN: 12278: 2007 Individual test. : Bearing: Ball Material: UIAA light alloys: V Weight: approx. 179g Dimensions: approx. 118 x 70 x 32mm Durability: 32kN (16kN-16kN)

Brand: Climbing Technology

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