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The versatile double block Climbing Technolgy Orbiter T, which works well in extraction systems. Made of durable aluminum, double block.

Equipped with ball bearings, it guarantees long trouble-free work.

The possibility of using with ropes up to 13mm diameter makes it very versatile.

The block is individually controlled before leaving the factory, thanks to which you can be sure of high quality.

The pulley has an additional attachment point. Dimensions: 13.5 7 5 cm Strength: 50kN (12.5kN-12.5kN; 12.5kN-12.5kN)

Weight: 312g CE 0333


EN 12278: 2007 CE: 0333 For ropes: Up to 13 mm in diameter EN: 12278: 2007 Individual test: Bearing: Ball Material: Aluminum UIAA: V Weight: 312g Dimensions: 13.5 x 7 x 5 cm Durability: 50kN

Brand: Climbing Technology

Tumbl Trak Booster Blocks

tumbl trak booster blocks

  1. They are useful as spotting blocks and training stations for beam, tumbling and vaulting and with the new Air Floor PRO.
  2. The Booster Blocks make great plyometric/warm up stations and when used with the Orbiter, they help adjust for different heights of athletes.
  3. Some vinal cover would be great when not using the velcro.
  4. I’ve used them for elevation other things too, which my little kids can sure use.
  5. My only issue is that they have Velcro all the way around them.
  6. I have had girls get scratched by the Velcro quite often.
  7. So when I don’t have them attached I had to buy Velcro to cover the rough side.
  8. I love to use these for spotting, teaching floor drills along with vault drills.
  9. I have been using them now for about 3 months and they have held up so well.

Buy Tumbl Trak Booster Blocks here $164.00

Fischer Orbiter XC Skis Mens

fischer orbiter skis mens

    Buy Fischer Orbiter XC Skis Mens here $141.95

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